Russia and China Promote Masculine Virtues – The US Celebrates Sissy Men

Don Feder, The next war will show how well that works.

Even Commies can get it right occasionally.

The Chinese government has officially banned effeminate men (“sissy men” or “girlie guns”) from television, ordering broadcasters to provide traditional masculine role models.

A side-by-side comparison of Russian and U.S. army recruitment ads that hit the Internet in May brought peals of laughter or howls of protest.

The Russian ad showed tough-looking Slavic dudes with shaved heads resolutely doing sit-ups, loading guns and jumping out of airplanes. The dialogue includes phrases like: “Your new life,” “Find the limits of your potential,” “To hell with limits” and “There is no victory without battle.” — slogans which would have appealed to the Greatest Generation.

The U.S. Army ad (which must have Sgt. York gyrating in his grave) should be called “Private Benjamin Has Two Mommies.”

In it, Cpl. Emma Malonelord, describes how she was born in California (where else?) and “raised by two moms.”  As if that wasn’t PC enough, “I also marched for equality” – the perfect credentials for Biden’s New Woke Army. The recruitment ad for the Chinese army makes its Russian counterpart look like a PSA for the American Friends Service Committee.

How do you think Cpl. Emma (all 110 libs of her) would do against Ivan The Terrible 2.0, who looks like he’s ready to fight the battle of Stalingrad all over again — singlehanded?

Under Biden, our military has become an instrument of radical politics. Led by Gen. Mark (Chinese) Milley, it’s dedicated to breaking male role models and killing common sense.

The enemy is no longer expansionist China, nuclear Iran or North Korea under Little Rocket Man, but white privilege, toxic masculinity and carbon emissions. On assuming office, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the coronavirus was our biggest national security challenge and climate change was an “existential threat” to be countered by electric cars in the motor pool. The Joint Chiefs include Gen. Fauci and Gen. Gore.

Milley assures the forces that whether they’re “male or female, gay or straight, trans or something in between,” there’s a place for them in the Semper Inclusive military. “Non-binaries and Sissy Men welcome!”

Republican Congressmen, many veterans, have complained about galloping wokeness in the U.S. Armed Forces. West Point has seminars on “white rage.” Don’t you just hate it when roving bands of Caucasians burn down business districts?

The Chief of Naval Operations has recommended the Marxist tract “How to Be An Antiracist” (which proclaims “Capitalism is inherently racist”). That’s a great way for us to prepare for the next war – to convince black and Hispanic soldiers that the real enemy isn’t “out there” but next to them in the trenches.

The military is just the most dangerous front in America’s war on masculinity.

Since the Kavanaugh hearings, men have been terrorized by the nightriding feminists of #believewomen (guilty until proven innocent), unless they’re accusing prominent Democrats or their allies.

If white men appear in commercials at all, they’re usually grinning idiots talking to emus about insurance or selling wet teddy bears from hotdog carts. On sitcoms, we’ve gone from “Father Knows Best,” to “My stepdad’s not mean. He’s just adjusting.”

The Chinese and Russians both have demographic crises on their hands. Due in part to almost 40 years of its one-child policy, the PRC has a disastrously low birth rate. It’s expected to lose half its population by the end of the century. Is it any wonder it’s keen on promoting masculinity? It also wants its military in tiptop shape to prepare for the wars it’s planning, the conquest of Taiwan being a warmup.

Russia’s population decline isn’t in the future but right now. It has 146 million people (less than half our population) to hold the largest territory of any country, stretching across 11 time zones. Smarting from the fall of the Russian empire at the end of the Cold War, it has something to prove.

For the time being, we have the best military equipment. But what does it benefit a nation to have the most up-to-date tanks, aircraft and battle ships without the will to use them – the fighting men ready and willing to fight? Anyone who believes that women are as aggressive as men hasn’t been following the science or the evidence of their own eyes. How many barroom brawls or gang wars are started by women?

Men fight wars to protect the women and country they love, and not to promote social justice.

The Chinese, Russians, and Iranians are preparing for the next war. We’re designing flight suits for pregnant pilots and turning our military into the khaki  equivalent of Black Lives Matter.

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