Rush Limbaugh Just Savaged Mitt Romney and His ‘First Cousin’ Carlos Danger

Limbaugh weighed in on the goofy controversy involving a secret Twitter account.
What was Mitt Romney thinking, admitting to having a “secret” Twitter account?

He’s such a clueless, out-of-touch fool, he probably never thought anyone could figure it out.
Well, in truth, it took the folks over at Slate Magazine about one hour to find him, and when the news went public, Mittens looked like an even bigger fool than usual.

Romney used his secret account “Pierre Delecto” to passive-aggressively troll his critics and slam Trump.

He’s such a coward. Such a small, insecure man.

Limbaugh weighed in on the goofy controversy, and pretty much drove the final nail in “Pierre’s coffin,” when he compared the bumbling Romney to another infamous fool with an alter ego…none other than “Carlos Danger,” or Anthony Wiener the creepy and disgusting convicted sex offender, and friend of Hillary Clinton.

Rush said Mitt is the “first cousin” of Carlos Danger and also added that Mitt wants to be “liked” so badly, that he is now siding with the very people who destroyed him back in 2012.
He’s a turncoat and has no redeeming qualities or moral compass.

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