Rudy Giuliani to head to Michigan to testify on election

Rudy Giuliani is expected to head to Michigan on Wednesday to testify with the legislative committee examining the state’s election process.

“People have questions and concerns about the election process, the way it was handled and how our future elections could be impacted,” Republican House Oversight Chair Matt Hall said in a statement Tuesday. “Rumors and hearsay are everywhere and our committee is attempting to get to the bottom of all of it to deliver people answers they deserve.”

Giuliani, an attorney for President Trump, is expected to answer questions on the Trump campaign’s repeated claims of election irregularities. The former New York City mayor was first invited to submit a written testimony but will instead be appearing in person.

“This is an opportunity for us to get definitive answers – in-person – about Mr. Giuliani’s claims and evidence, while we work to provide clarity and transparency to people who have taken issue with our state’s election system,” Hall said Tuesday.

Despite claims by the Republican Party and the Trump campaign, state officials have stood by the validity of Michigan’s election results, which found that President-elect Joe Biden secured 154,188 more votes than Trump in the state.

The state’s Board of Canvasasers officially certified the election results on Nov. 23, paving the way for the Electoral College members to vote, on December 14 – though Trump’s legal team claims there is still time to overturn the elections results.

In a final bid to resurrect an election-fraud lawsuit, Trump’s legal team filed an appeal to a lawsuit that Judge Cynthia Stephens denied after the campaign filed the wrong paperwork.

The original suit was an attempt to prevent Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson from counting ballots they believed were not properly observed by poll watchers. placeholder

The team had 21 days to appeal the decision and file the correct paperwork in order to meet their midnight deadline on Nov. 30.

The paperwork was filed during the eleventh hour, and submitted at 11:21 p.m. Monday, reported Michigan Live.

“The conduct of the general election in Wayne County was a disaster,” the campaign reportedly states in the appeal. “The Wayne County board of county canvassers found that more than seventy-one percent of the precincts did not balance. More than seventy-one percent!”

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The House Oversight Committee hopes to get answers and proof for the allegations the Trump campaign has levied since the Nov. 3 election, as most of the lawsuits filed alleging voter and election fraud have been thrown out do to a lack of evidence – despite the campaign’s repeated claims to have such evidence.

But not everyone in Michigan’s legislature are welcoming Giuliani’s visit.

“Far too many legislative Republicans continue to advance the Trump campaign’s radical attempt to undermine our elections and erode public confidence in our democracy,” House Democratic Leader Christine Greig, D, said in a statement Tuesday. “The fact that Chairman Hall and the Republican leadership have chosen to give Mr. Giuliani a platform to sell his debunked conspiracy theories is, to be frank, reprehensible.”

“It’s time to say enough is enough, to end these endless partisan theatrics, and to focus on an orderly and peaceful transfer of power, not to mention responding to a global pandemic that continues to ravage our state and nation,” she said.

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