Rudy Giuliani Says Both Dems And Republicans Will Be Exposed

Rudy Giuliani started the new year off with a bang. He tweeted that both Democrats and Republicans are going to be exposed.

This is almost certainly referring to election fraud in the 2020 election.

Democrat and Republican no longer mean anything.

The real political battle lines are those that are for America and those that are for themselves.

If Trump’s presidency has taught us anything it is that sometimes it is our own Republican party that does the most damage to our country.

Where were Republicans on the Wall?

Where were Republicans on repealing Obamacare?

Where were Republicans on the illegal spying on President Trump?

We can continue to go down the list.

Now, ask yourself where is the Republican leadership on Voter Fraud?

It is time for a Republican party that stands behind its voters and not with special interests.

As we enter 2021, it’s a new day. We have the proof. We’ve presented it. They are the liars and cheats including some Republicans. Time to expose them including our so-called own.

I wonder what else Rudy has.

We will have to wait and see.

Sorry establishment GOP!

According to a new poll, 72% of likely Republican voters see the Trump model as the party’s future.


When the Republican Party reorganizes itself next year, GOP voters strongly believe President Trump should remain the role model, but most think the party should look for a new face to be its next presidential candidate.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 72% of Likely Republican Voters think their party should be more like Trump than like the average GOP member of Congress. Twenty-four percent (24%) see the average Republican in Congress as a better model.

This is what the anti-Trump establishment doesn’t get.

The party does not belong to them. It belongs to the voters in the Republican Party.

They want a Republican Party that stands up for America.

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