Royal Family of the United States…Our time is at hand

Steph Macleod, I need to address a few areas before I put this up. My first thought was that this material seems dated, but then I thought, yeah only if you buy into that thread of thought that this family has seen it’s better days, and is on their way out.

I have a nagging thought that keeps asking me, when are they going to indict Neil Bush and start talking about him and the Bush family long time deal with China? The Old man held it as the United States most important relationship, and I have to tell you quite frankly, that it has been my experience over the last 44 years of my study that things important to the United States Government have generally not been good for the American people. This family and China go back to the days of Nixon and the start of the Globalist plan, which we are beginning to see and understand that they did not think the whole thing through before they started. If they had, they would not be facing their current predicament.

We here so much talk about the Deep State these days and there are so many people out there on the Internet of All Things, telling you what THEY THINK the Deep State is, it is no wonder that there is an epidemic of confusion in the world. Start by remembering you were born on The Earth, and not on some damned world! I am tired of the WRONG PEOPLE winning. Here in America, we do not understand that as a nation, we have already lost the country to another nation. I wish that people would stop looking at this from a secular viewpoint here in America. We can never win that argument people, Christ look what our government as been doing as a SECULAR entity over the last 44 years. How do we defend that as a people?
You folks were over the target, and again you let yourself get sidetracked. If I consider anyone telling me the truth on the Internet of All Things right now, it is Jeffrey Prather, it was this video here
that confirmed the leading of the Spirit of Truth that this work of Izreal Zeus is VERY relevant to our situation presently here in America, because you see, I can NEVER agree with this clan, if the importance of the United States/ China relationship means that America becomes a communist country, and THAT IS THE INTENT OF THE DEEP STATE. If you think I am overstating the Current Bush connect to the D.S. just take a look at the year it was when the Family ‘cemented’ their deal with Red China. 2017. 
Prather has it nailed and yes, it is not all pretty, but it is better to be a realist at the present, then a dreamer. The D.S. notion of a ‘new world order’  in principle is the great paradox that faces humanity as a species. We know in our heart of hearts that new direction is needed, however we instinctively  know that nothing the current controllers do can truly be counted as something new. The longer they drag out their inevitable decline, the more danger they create for themselves, and the more support they lose for their cause. Not smart to be in charge of the rebellion at it’s end.
Do not let them jerk your chain any longer, and provide them no quarter. Our time is at hand, do not blink….
” “No guilt in life, no fear in death this is the power of Christ in me.”
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