Retirements Puts Democrat House Majority At Risk

Patty McMurray, In November of 2020, the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives was scaled back to just a handful of votes.

Republicans are aggressively working to take back the House in 2022 and one factor is going to help them and hurt the Democrats.

Democrats are facing a number of retirements.

A combination of factors is driving a wave of Democratic retirements in the House as Republicans look to flip the chamber in 2022.

The census is giving deep-red Texas and Florida another congressional district. And Republican-dominated state legislatures will be able to draw maps that make red districts redder and force two Democrats to vie for the same House seat.

Democrats will get their chance to make blue districts bluer in New York, Illinois, and California, so any bellyaching they do will be mostly subdued — except where they can claim GOP racism in drawing districts in states of the old South.

But there’s no escaping the fact for many Democratic members of Congress—unless Republicans shoot themselves in the foot, they are very likely to take control in 2022.

So there is going to be a wave of retirements as members who are in marginal districts seek opportunities in the private sector or run for higher office. That means perhaps a record number of open seats to contest and Republicans are licking their chops at the prospect.

Democrats and their allies in the Democrat Party mainstream media are right to be worried about this.

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