Republicans Wonder Why Pelosi Is Prioritizing Tiger King Over COVID Relief

It may seem like ages ago, but “Tiger King” premiered on Netflix this year, back in March, when the coronavirus was still a new phenomenon. But it’s returned to headlines this week because Congress is considering a bill to ban breeding and private ownership of big cats, The Big Cat Public Safety Act, that was featured in the popular documentary. They’re also voting on a bill to decriminalize marijuana.

But with the country still reeling economically from COVID, Congress should be voting on COVID relief. They’ve blocked Payment Protection Program funding 40 times since August.

Republicans are confused by the priorities of their counterparts, especially considering that Congress has until Dec. 11 to pass a bill to fund the government and avoid a shutdown.

This isn’t the only time “Tiger King” has been a topic in Washington. A bold reporter asked President Trump a few months ago whether he’d consider pardoning the flamboyant star of the show, zookeeper “Joe Exotic.” He was very confused.

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