Many of the questions at the 62-minute press conference focused on the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border and the fate of the Senate filibuster, leaving no time for questions about the coronavirus pandemic, the battle over reopening schools, or how the administration plans to lower vaccine hesitancy.

Biden took foreign policy questions about China and North Korea, but Russia was left unmentioned despite the constant attention Democrats have given the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

There were also no questions about Biden’s plans to increase taxes or his decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline. As Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pointed out, Biden also was not asked about his jobs plan for a “green economy.”

Biden Blames Kamala for Border Crisis

There was no mention of the bombshell reporting from Politico about a 2018 incident in which the Secret Service asked a store owner for records related to the sale of a gun to Hunter Biden after the president’s daughter-in-law Hallie discarded the weapon in a trash can near a school. Also avoided were the growing scandals plaguing Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Reporters didn’t ask the president about the recent uproar over Asian diversity in his administration, despite Biden rushing to opine about anti-Asian racism following last week’s Atlanta area massage parlor shootings. Biden also did not comment on the identity of Boulder massacre suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Assad or speculate on his motivation.

The reporters who asked Biden about the filibuster, something the president claimed was being “abused” in the Senate, failed to mention that Biden’s own party used it constantly during the previous administration.