Report: “F” Grades Have Gone Up 83% Since Remote Learning Began

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John Hawkins, Remote Learning!

A Fairfax County Public Schools report found that since remote learning began in March, the number of F’s earned by middle and high school students there has jumped 83 percent. According to the report’s analysis, 35% of the students are underperforming in math and 39% are coming up short in English. Additionally, as you can see from this table in the report, things are even worse for students that were already struggling.

Given that Fairfax is the 7th richest county in America, it wouldn’t be a surprise if their numbers are better than a lot of other places doing remote learning, which should really worry people.

Speaking About News

We already knew businesses were failing, people were being put out of work, bank accounts are getting lower, friends aren’t getting to see each other and we’re denying families the chances to see their sick and dying loved ones in a lot of places. Now, we’re starting to see that our kids aren’t being properly educated either, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

You think a kid in his own bedroom, half paying attention to the teacher on the screen and half paying attention to something else he’s doing since she can’t see him is going to learn as much as he would in a classroom? Not even close. This, combined with the fact that COVID-19 hasn’t hit kids hard is why every school in America should be open right now instead of shortchanging our kids. If the employees at the grocery store can go to work, teachers can stop throwing our kids under the bus and get back to work.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know