Rep. Mike Kelly: Trump Team Must ‘Play to the Whistle’

Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Mike Kelly said his challenge to election results in his state is not over despite being denied an emergency order by the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Pennsylvania officials from certifying its elections results, saying he would – and implored President Donald Trump and his supporters – to “play to the whistle.”

“All that happened is we were not granted temporary injunctive relief,” Kelly said on Wednesday. “The case is still alive and well. And we are looking, how do we get the court to take on the case for its merits of being constitutional or unconstitutional. That’s all we’re looking at. That’s a huge ask by the way. But we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis right now in our country, and we have to get answers, and we have to get it from the highest court in the land.”

Kelly’s remarks came a day after the Supreme Court denied the request by Kelly, 2020 U.S. congressional candidate Sean Parnell and former state representative candidate Wanda Logan. who asked the Supreme Court to prevent state officials “from taking any further action to perfect the certification of the results.”

Their case was based on the fact that the Pennsylvania legislature last fall passed a law that allowed for absentee ballots to be obtained without a justification in contravention of the state’s constitution.

Another case has been put forth to the Supreme Court by Texas, and joined by 17 other states, to prevent Pennsylvania as well as Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin from participating in the Electoral College.

“What we do now is we petition the court to hear (our) case. It’s called cert,” Kelly said. “That’s what we’re asking the court to do. Hear the lawsuit based on its merits. That’s all we’re asking: constitutional, unconstitutional. Then make a decision afterwards of what are those findings and what are the remedies.

“Play up to the whistle. Play up to the echo of the whistle.”

Trump Asks Sen. Cruz to Argue Texas Supreme Court Election Case

President Donald Trump has asked Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to argue the state’s Supreme Court case seeking to overturn the results of the election, reports The New York Times.

The state of Texas is suing four swing states that certified wins for Joe Biden.

Attorney General Ken Paxton in the suit filed earlier this week argued that a handful of battleground states destroyed the integrity of the 2020 election vote totals and insists the U.S. Constitution was violated by allowing their legislatures to make last-minute changes that ignored federal electoral regulations.

Cruz on Monday offered to present before the Supreme Court the merits of a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly claiming Pennsylvania’s 2019 voting reform bill is unconstitutional.

The high court on Tuesday rejected Kelly’s lawsuit.

Ken Paxton: ‘This Is Our Last Chance’

Bringing an “original jurisdiction” election challenge before the Supreme Court was a duty for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to protect his voters in Texas, he said Wednesday.

“I am encouraged that these other states have joined, and think there’s a recognition that this is our last chance and we are running out of time,” Paxton told Wednesday’s “Stinchfield.”

Paxton noted Texas had already “fought off” 12 lawsuits under his leadership in defending Texas’ election against the unconstitutional election actions taken in the four battleground states in his lawsuit, including mass mail-in ballot attempts and signature verification restrictions proposed by Democrats.

“We were successful in maintaining our legislative stance, so my voters were protected,” Paxton told host Grant Stinchfield. “But this is a national election and the fact this happened in other states has the impact of disenfranchising my voters, given that we had elections that were fair and by the law.”

Paxton’s case before the U.S. Supreme Court is called Texas v. Pennsylvania, but it includes key battlegrounds Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. He laments the “stunning” lack of “common sense” of unconstitutionally changing state election law without proper due process in the legislatures.

“That’s why so many Americans are frustrated, because you’ve got these courts of supposedly smart people as judges and it’s almost common sense from the night of the election,” Paxton said.

Calling his case “one of the most important issues of our time,” Paxton said it is not just about deciding this presidential election, but all elections in the future.

“Not just for this election, but the future of our country and the future elections we either can trust or we can’t trust,” he concluded.

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