Religious Liberty: Christmas message on display

A public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for religious liberty is pleased to know that half of the nation’s state capitols have Christmas nativities this year, as the Constitution allows them to do.

The Thomas More Society, a national not-for-profit law firm, has teamed again with American Nativity Scene to help keep privately-funded manger scenes in the public square for Christmas. The Ohio Statehouse is the latest location to have a manager scene.

“We have an anonymous donor in Chicago who will donate a nativity scene, a very nice one, free of charge to anyone who is willing to apply and gain permission,” Thomas More Society attorney Thomas Olp told OneNewsNow earlier this year. “Over the years, a lot of people have heard about it.”

Not everyone has been a fan of the campaign, while others have been skeptical as to whether it is legal to have a nativity scene on public property.

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“The sponsors of those nativity scenes have come to us, and we’ve had to explain to the public authorities that this is entirely legal and should be non-controversial,” says Olp. “As a result of our efforts, a lot of times these issues have been resolved, and the nativity scenes have been allowed in public places.”

The Christmas Nativity at the Ohio Statehouse began December 11th and will run through Thursday, January 2nd.

“We are excited to share our Christmas message with the public, as the Constitution allows us to do,” says Rick Jones, coordinator of the Ohio Nativity Scene, in remarks published on the Thomas More Society’s website. “More than just an opportunity to share our faith, it is a chance to invite everyone to seek peace on earth and goodwill to all,” he adds.

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