Reflections on Sleepy Joe, Exactly how and where will he lead us?


Don Feder, The most important election of our lifetime – perhaps in all U.S. history — is upon us.

Here are some thoughts on the Democrat presidential candidate:

  • Spent 47 years in office without accomplishing anything noteworthy — who was ever and always a willing tool for the leadership of the Democrat Party.
  • Has become a bobble-head for the socialists who now run his party.
  • Took three months to issue a limp-wristed disavowal of the riots which are rocking our republic.
  • Equates occasional police misconduct with business districts in flames, nightly looting, the murder of cops, and assaults on innocent bystanders.
  • Thinks white supremacists pose a greater threat to America than Antifa, which he says is “an idea” not an organization. With Joe, you never know if he’s simply parroting progressive propaganda or really is that stupid.
  • Wants to demolish the border wall and defund ICE, and once called illegal immigration “a gift” – that keeps on giving for the left.
  • Said 150 million Americans died from “gun violence” since 2007 and 120 million of us died from COVID-19. There goes 80% of the population.
  • Does press availabilities where he takes two questions – from reporters he knows are friendly.
  • Has rallies which could be held in a broom closet.
  • Thinks the president doesn’t have the authority to fill Supreme Court vacancies close to an election.
  • Can’t quote the best-known phrase in the Declaration of Independence. (Joe: “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created. by the, you know, you know the thing.”) Did he ever read the document? How about the Constitution?
  • Hides in his basement because his handlers fear that if he spends too much time on the campaign trail he’ll say something to let voters know how monumentally dumb he actually is.
  • Has a family that received an estimated $30 million to $40 million in bribes from countries like China and the Ukraine.
  • Made his fortune in politics. Harry Truman used to say you can always tell the crooked politician. He’s the one who started poor and ended rich.
  • Chose a running mate who’s ranked the furthest left member of the Senate and made her bones smearing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing.
  • Refuses to denounce anti-Semitism in his party.
  • Says America is an “idea” that was “never lived up to.” Funny, with the greatest democracy in the world – that pioneered civil liberties and saved humanity from Nazism and communism — I thought we were doing pretty well.
  • Thinks that taxes are a way to jump-start the economy and wants a $15-an-hour minimum wage to help small businesses that have been hit so hard.
  • Changes his position on fracking every 15 minutes or so, depending on focus groups.
  • Says we can “change America for generations to come.” Visions of Venezuela dance in my head.
  • Is the leader of a party that wants to end free elections by abolishing the Electoral College, making Puerto Rico and D.C. states, and packing the Supreme Court.
  • Has the absolute loyalty of The New York TimesWashington Post, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media that’s been lying to you for decades.
  • Whose supporters include Hollywood, Big Tech and academia – who’ve spent years stifling free speech, indoctrinating our children, and hating America.
  • Was endorsed by the Revolutionary Communist Party.
  • Can’t wait to destroy the economic recovery now underway with another lockdown, so he can “build it back better” – with Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren as the architects.
  • Wants a national mandate for face masks – which the CDC says are worthless unless they’re hospital-grade.
  • Spent the entire campaign whining about Trump’s Supreme Court nominations but refuses to give us a hint of whom he’d put on the high court.
  • Whose mental deterioration is more painfully apparent with each passing day, reflected in an inability to speak coherently, gaffes galore, and embarrassing memory lapses, as when he recently said, “We need to stop four more years of George.” If he can’t remember the name of the incumbent he’s running against, how would he perform as president?
  • Has a shocking inability to control his temper, reflected in such bizarre outbursts as telling an African American interviewer that he “ain’t black” if he’d even think about voting for anyone else.

Is this the man Americans want to lead the country and the free world (out of the Covid crisis, against our foreign foes and the anarchists who are trying to tear America apart) for as long as he can remain upright?

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