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Due to the promise of unprecedented election fraud in the 2016 election and the short time frame in which to counter those measures OPERATION RED 2016 HAS BEEN LAUNCHED. #OPERATIONRED2016

This is not only something every red-blooded American CAN DO—it’s something they MUST DO!

WEAR RED TO THE POLLS when you vote TRUMP/PENCE 2016 for President
November 3 (GOP RED)!

TAKE PICTURES OR VIDEOS of the sea of RED in the voting district (outside of the polls)!

Speaking About News



  • THE SEA OF RED will assure that no media outlet can overcome the VISIBLE support for TRUMP/PENCE
  • WE WILL HAVE VISUAL PROOF, via your photos and videos, in district after district, that Hillary Clinton could NOT have won these ALL RED districts!
  • Media, poll workers, watchers, campaigns, and voters on the ground will have no choice but to acknowledge the VISIBLE truth in a sea of RED

NOTE: We do not know who originally had this very simple,
but very powerful idea—but we THANK YOU!

FAIR USE NOTICE: Anyone who is participating in this operation is FREE to share this idea—in fact, we hope you DO!

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