Rabbi says multiple people reported finding flyers of ‘white power’ in mailboxes

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Multiple people opened their mailboxes to find flyers encouraging ‘white race Aryan men and women stand up’ against minority groups, according to Chabad of the Bluegrass director Rabbi Shlomo Litvin.

“The letter served a dual purpose. Ideally, the letter was supposed to recruit fellow racists and was intended to intimidate anyone who got the letter,” Litvin said.

Litvin said people from Woodford, Scott and Fayette counties reached out to him regarding the flyers headlined with ‘White Power’. The flyer makes reference to the Nazi slogan, ‘blood and soil’ and reads Jewish, Black and Mexican people ‘will not replace us.’

“It’s a sad argument from a forgotten era and they’re trying to yell the same words again and they think they’ll be intimidating,” Litvin said. “No one is trying to replace anyone. Each person is irreplaceable. Each person has a role to play in our community and our community is better for having them there.”

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Litvin said a mentor taught him the best way to fight darkness is with light. So, he put his own letter in people’s mailboxes.

“Our response to letters of hate is letters of love. The idea that we’re going to be intimidated by an angry email or an angry letter is laughable,” Litvin said.

Litvin’s letter has already found its way to several mailboxes around Lexington. More will be distributed around Central Kentucky in the coming days, according to Litvin.

Rabbi Litvin’s letter reads:

“You matter! Please remember: You are irreplaceable! Your unique background and experience add to our incredible community! We stand united regardless of race, religion or origin. If you need any help during this difficult time, or just someone to talk to please give us a call. (859) 813-0770.”

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