Putin Humiliates Biden

Daniel Greenfield, While Russia held military exercises off Hawaii and pushed the press around, the media desperately tried to pretend that Biden was going in strong to his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

The meeting would have been a disaster even if Biden weren’t missing a significant percentage of his marbles.

Long before the meeting, Biden had already given in to Putin’s two biggest demands, avoiding any interference with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (while crushing the Keystone pipeline and all the jobs and energy independence that come with it in America) and joining Russia’s scam arms accord that President Trump had refused to renew.

The rest was theater and Putin is a lot better at it than Biden.

Biden raised human rights issues that neither he nor Putin cares about. Mentioning them was just an opportunity for Putin to humiliate Biden.

Facing obvious cognitive decline, Biden brought prep cards to the meeting and was reduced to pleading with Putin that cyberattacks on American “critical infrastructure should be off-limits”.

Russia obviously doesn’t feel that way. Neither does China.

Biden’s hollow threats of retaliation are a pathetic joke.

When Russia or China targets critical water and power infrastructure in America, is Biden going to give the order to cut off water and power in a major Chinese or Russian city with all the attendant humanitarian consequences?

The fundamental difference came in one critical comment by Biden that, “All foreign policy is a logical extension of personal relationships.”

Too many American presidents keep saying dumb things like this. And worse yet, they believe it.

Foreign policy is an extension of personal and national interests. Biden, like most Democrats, can’t conceive of any national interests, just ideologies. Russia, China, and the rest of the world have national interests. That’s why our diplomacy is in shambles even when we’re not being represented by a senile party hack.

Biden’s Meeting w/Putin, Like the Rest of His Trip, Doesn’t Matter

International diplomacy requires two things

1. An agenda

2. A politician with the will, creativity, and charisma to carry it forward

Biden has neither. But his missing elements in the second part don’t matter because there is no first part. Biden didn’t come to Europe with an agenda. His foreign policy is being run by the same old Obama people. And they never especially cared about Europe beyond using it to mobilize whatever third world agenda was animating them at the time. Biden’s people haven’t quite gotten all that far making the visit pointless.

Biden is in no shape to take on Putin. But he wasn’t even in any shape to take on Macron. Boris Johnson had to prop him up half the time.

Never mind trying to mobilize some sort of stance against China, a proposal Biden doesn’t believe in, but that some of his donors expect him to pay lip service to.

Biden’s trip to Europe is reminiscent of  Khrushchev’s trip to America. Despite American expectations, the trip had little diplomatic significance, it was intended for domestic consumption. Khrushchev needed to convince Russians, especially his rivals, that he was a player on the international stage. Biden’s trip is meant to sell him to Americans as a world leader even if no one in Europe is buying it.

The European trip isn’t meant for Euros, but for Americans.