Public Blacklist of Trump Supporters Goes Down After Backlash

Julio Rosas

The “Trump Accountability Project” was created shortly after media outlets declared Democratic nominee Joe Biden the winner in the presidential election, with its mission being to list those who worked in President Trump’s administration to hold them “accountable.”

Attention was first brought to the Trump Accountability Project after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) asked if there was such a list being created since Trump did not do everything Democrats perceive as being wrong.

People then started to post links to the project’s website and people were already being listed to make potential employers aware the applicant worked in the Trump administration, which drew heavy critcisms from Republicans.

In a new post on their site, the Trump Accountability Project said they will be shutting down to be in accordance with “the President-elect’s call to build a more united country”:

“The Trump Accountability Project was started because we believe restoring democratic norms are vital to protecting America’s future. A critical part of making sure the nation never finds itself in this position again is to make sure those members of the Trump administration responsible for loosening the guardrails of our democracy are not rewarded with book deals, TV contracts, or six-figure salaries in the private sector based on that experience. Ultimately, however, the goal of the project was to play a part in restoring the soul of the nation, and we’ll follow President-elect Biden’s lead to get us there.

Accordingly, in the spirit of the President-elect’s call to build a more united country, this project will no longer be active.”

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