Prosecutor Of Baltimore Six Utterly Destroyed As ‘Disastrous’ ‘Two-Bit Political Hack’

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby — the embattled young prosecutor whose quick announcement of serious charges against the “Baltimore Six” police officers came as a surprise to many legal experts — is coming under fresh fire for her actions. Two veteran prosecutors claim Mosby’s criminal filings against the Baltimore Six have produced “disastrous consequences.”

Writing in The Baltimore Sun, a former federal prosecutor in Maryland and a former official in the Justice Department have penned a scathing critique of Mosby’s perceived “rush to judgment” that they charge has corrupted the legal process and condemned otherwise good police officers.

Announcing the charges against six police officers after a week of protests, Ms. Mosby appears to have been driven by the politics of the moment rather than the strength of the evidence, oddly proclaiming to the youth of the city that “our time is now.” Ms. Mosby’s decision to subordinate her duty to do justice as a prosecutor to her role as a politician had two disastrous consequences.


Citing those “disastrous consequences” of alienating the police force and smearing decent officers, the pair of prosecutors call for a grand jury investigation into the death of Freddie Gray that would, essentially, enhance the integrity of the prosecution that the two legal experts conclude has thus far been based on “faulty evidence.”

As former federal prosecutors in Baltimore who routinely used the grand jury to investigate criminal conduct, we call on Ms. Mosby to conduct a full and fair grand jury investigation, not simply a one-day presentation in which the results are pre-determined. We call on her to put justice before politics and go where the evidence takes her, not where her constituents want her to go.

In addition to the scorching criticism of the novice Mosby by the two experienced prosecutors, Fox News Chief Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has also leveled a blistering attack on the Baltimore State’s Attorney, dismissing her as a “two-bit political hack” who’s trying to undermine the First Amendment.

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