Project Veritas has filed another lawsuit today — this time against CNN

Project Veritas has filed another lawsuit today — this time against @CNN for making false and defamatory statements with regard to Project Veritas Twitter account ban. PV intends to prove @AnaCabrera committed malice with her reporting.

As you probably just saw, Project Veritas filed a lawsuit against CNN today for defamation.

It’s very important that this information gets out to the public so that CNN is held accountable.

Project Veritas SUES CNN After Network Host Said PV’s Twitter Ban Was Result Of ‘Misinformation’ Crackdown … ‘If You Think Defaming Us is Without Consequence, Think Again’

  • James O’Keefe announced today that Project Veritas has filed a lawsuit against CNN in in Atlanta, Georgia Federal Court — over defamatory statements made on air. 
  • CNN Anchor, Ana Cabrera, said Veritas’ suspension from Twitter was part of a “much broader crackdown… by social media giants on accounts that [were] promoting misinformation.”
  • Project Veritas’ Twitter account was, in fact, taken down but for supposed privacy violations according to the Big Tech giant.
  • Even Cabrera previously tweeted that Veritas’ ban from Twitter was the result of alleged privacy violations, proving she knew what she subsequently reported was false.
  • Cabrera had knowledge of Twitter’s original reasoning for banning Veritas before she went on air and acted with malice when she said the de-platforming was part of a crackdown on those “promoting misinformation.” 
  • CNN’s own reporter, Brian Fung, followed up with Twitter and Project Veritas about the ban, and reported that the account had been banned for privacy violations. 
  • A CNN clip, that closely resembles the Veritas video used as justification for the ban, has been allowed to remain up on Twitter’s platform.
  • This lawsuit comes on the heels of Veritas’ historic legal victory against The New York Times — defeating the newspaper’s Motion to Dismiss in the New York Supreme Court. 
  • Veritas is also suing Twitter for defamation, and expects discovery and depositions to follow, which will help uncover the truth. 

[ATLANTA – Apr. 26, 2021] Project Veritas founder and CEO, James O’Keefe, announced another defamation lawsuit today – this time against cable news network CNN, for contradicting its own reporting and allowing false statements about Project Veritas to be aired.

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