The Roe Act A Pro-lifer recounts political fight in liberal state

Chris Woodward, The controversial Roe Act may be law in liberal Massachusetts but a pro-life group remains positive.

Myrna Maloney Flynn of Massachusetts Citizens for Life told EWTN Pro-Life Weekly that it has been two “strenuous” years after the legislation was filed but the public has responded positively, she said, to the pro-life group’s effort to educate it on the abortion issue.

As soon as the bill was filed in the winter of 2019, Citizens for Life got to work.

A Challenge to Pro-Life Voters

“As soon as people on both sides of this issue heard about what this bill would mean for the women of our state, for the girls of our state, and for the infants of Massachusetts, they jumped to action,” said Flynn. “They wanted to know how they could get involved and how they could help put a stop to this bill.”

Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, vetoed the legislation that codifies abortion rights into state law. It allows abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy in cases where the child will not survive birth. It also lowers the age in which teen girls can seek an abortion, without consent from a parent or guardian, from 18 to 16, but that age limit is viewed as a victory by the state’s pro-life citizens.

“The initial version of this bill would have allowed girls of any age to walk into an abortion clinic, obtain an abortion, without any other adult knowing about it,” Flynn told ETWN Pro-Life Weekly. “Because of our efforts, we were able to change the wording so that the age for consent is now 16.”

The Massachusetts legislature voted to override Gov. Baker’s veto.

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