Pro-Biden Poll of Jews Comes From a Dem Polling Firm for “Progressive Causes”

The Jewish Electorate Institute’s dubious survey, which claims that Jews don’t care about Israel, do care about Black Lives Matter, and hate Trump and will vote for Biden, is all over social media.

And it reinforces what most people, Democrats and Republicans, believe is true.

1. I’ve repeatedly warned that Jews are a very small group and any nationwide surveys, polls, etc of Jews are mostly worthless. Regional polls in places that have large Jewish populations like New York or Florida are worth paying attention to. National surveys aren’t.

2. The Jewish Electorate Institute, an organization that 90% of the people sharing the survey online never heard of before, describes itself as non-partisan, except its president acts as a consultant to a Dem House member, its treasurer worked for the Carter administration, and its secretary, well I’ll just quote from her official bio, “Active in Jewish causes and Democratic campaigns and policy initiative”.

Beyond the obvious partisan lean, the Jewish Electorate Institute is a cross-section of federation leaders and consultants to non-profit groups. Essentially the ossified and calcified infrastructure of what used to be the unelected community infrastructure, but that has long since become almost entirely irrelevant.


3. How was the actual survey handled?

“On behalf of the non-partisan Jewish Electorate Institute (JEI), Garin-Hart-Yang conducted an online survey of 810 Jewish voters nationally who self-identify as Jewish…”

What’s Garin-Hart-Yang?

According to its own site, “Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, the political division of Hart Research, is one of the most respected and successful political polling firms in the country for Democratic candidates and progressive causes.”

It’s always easy to spot the non-partisan survey conducted by a polling firm for lefty causes.

Finally this is an online survey of 810 people who “identify” as Jewish. There are more actual Jews than that on my block. And most of them support President Trump.

Anyone taking this seriously ought to have their head examined.

This is an online poll conducted by lefty Democrats meant to prove exactly what it proved. Stop passing it around as if it proves anything except that Democrat messaging is a self-reinforcing echo chamber propagated by the media.

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