President Trump’s Exit Approval Rating Higher than Biden’s Entrance Approval Rating

John NolteBreitbart News, 22 Jan 20210  Rasmussen Reports, one of only about three reputable pollsters out there, found that His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s first ever job approval rating as president is a pathetic 48 percent. Get this…

President Trump’s exit approval rating was 51 percent.


It gets even better…When President Trump took office in 2017, his first job approval rating in this same poll was 56 percent, which is eight points higher than His Fraudulency’s 48 percent.Hell, even Barry Obama entered office with a 67 percent approval rating back in ’09.The more you look at these numbers, the worse they are for Biden.When President Trump entered office, his disapproval rating was 44 percent. Biden’s disapproval rating is 45 percent.When President Trump entered office, 38 percent strongly approved and 36 percent strongly disapproved. Biden is entering office with both of those numbers in worse shape: only 36 percent strongly approve, while 38 percent strongly disapprove.

So what does this tell us?

Well, two things….

His Fraudulency is nowhere near as popular as the fake national media and heir failing echo chamber would have us believe, and the media no longer have any power when it comes to shaping or swaying public opinion.

After five years of media lies and media hate campaigns and outright attempts by the media and FBI to overturn Trump’s election with Russia Collusion Hoaxes and Impeachment Hoaxes and Trump Started a Riot Hoaxes, combined with a non-stop onslaught of smears about being a racist… Trump left the field with a 51 percent approval rating.

But after a full year of the fake national media covering up for Joe Biden and lionizing him, the best His Feebleness can do is a 48 percent approval rating.

Tee hee.

Biden has already violated his own mask mandate on numerous occasions, he’s already violated the Geneva Conventions against his own troops, he’s already said “Salute the Marines” instead of actually saluting the Marines…

Good grief, have you seen this…. Is this accurate? Imagine if it was Trump…


So what we got ourselves here is a real clown show, and as long as no one touches my Social Security and Medicare, I intend to sit back and enjoy every minute of it.

You see, this is what happens to a great country when you mail out tens of millions of unsolicited ballots during a presidential election.

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