President Trump is still BRINGING DOWN THE CABAL

Remember everything that was in place to take down President Trump and all of the little people were also the same things that were needed to take down the Cabal, should White hats decide to turn the tables.

All the SUPER SPY STUFF from the NSA, CIA, FBI, fake propaganda media, infiltrated Pentagon, all the Departments from Defense to Homeland Security. All was in place from Big Pharma, Big Food, the FDA, the EPA, down to the dumbed down sheeple, to the thugs on the street.

The senate was doing their RINO job of not vetting the Trump administration’s new heads of anything and good old Jeff Sessions recused himself of his Attorney General duties. The war was on and how each side reacted and countered was based on what the other side used first. So, this escalated into this type of throw the sphaghetti on the wall and see what sticks battle zone.

Ryan, VP Pence, et al, had plans to oust the President in a coup and put Pence as Pres. and make Ryan the V.P. That treasonous plan fortunately failed. I’m sure Trump knew all about it from the start. He is no ones fool.

So are you seeing how this war began yet? This is a very different type of warfare, using cyber, spyware, thugs on the ground, traitors, Governors, Mayors, agitators, congress and senate persons, all the alphabets including the FDA, IRS, the Pentagon, and all the departments and the other two foreign corporations (London and the Vatican), wealthy men who worship Baal and sacrifice in the groves have lots of money and lots of friends that owe them lots of things.

Secret societies always get their way, they have from the beginning of time, so why not now? We have the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, and the Foundations from Gates, Ford, Rockefeller, a bunch of them, and of course Wallstreet, the Central Banks House of Rothschilds, and Soros who does their bidding and funds all their thugs so the rich and powerful never have to be bothered with such trifels.

War has been raging on both sides the White hats and the Black hats. Or good versus evil…we the people versus the cabal. The difference was and is how they maneuver through what is thrown at them to win or counter. Without Trump waking up the sleeping giant known as the silent majority…. Trump would never have been able to win for you.

For all those who believe Trump entered the political ring to keep patriots at bay….think again. WE WERE MOSTLY ALL SLEEPING AND IT WAS A VERY DEEP SLEEP!! Why wake up a sleeping giant? It makes NO SENSE! The evangelical church was pumping out “don’t worry be happy” and “tithe to get rich quick”. It was a dog eat dog and no one was saying a word…they were spell checking to make sure the politically correct phrase was used as not to offend ANYONE.

So as time went by, Trump woke up the giant and turned the media on its head by pointing out they were all fake. He tutored Americans on what was taking place right before their eyes and what was going on. The obvious things. Trust me, we weren’t ready to hear all the other stuff we are learning now. We still thought we could vote things out. Very few had a clue as to the corruption that went on even in the Reagan years. Not a clue.

So, when President Trump said to Laura Ingraham, some time back before the election (August 31, 2020) when she asked who was funding all of the BLM, ANTIFA and Anarchists, Trump answered, “These are names of people you wouldn’t know. They’re people you never heard of. Laura looked surprised and came back quickly, “What do you mean I never heard of?” Trump answered, “You never heard of them. These are stupid, rich people who made a lot of money. They are very rich and not so smart.” Laura then looked wide eyed as she let that soak in.

As I looked to find the video with that exchange of words, I found the end part of that conversation was now edited out. However, the stupid rich people part was still included. I found another video and it too had been edited out at that same segment of time. The exchange begins at around 15 minutes in on both videos. Both have the end of the conversation edited out. So, for some reason Fox has censored that part of the interview. I first wrote about this back in August or Sept 1st in 2020 when it happened. At that time it was not censored at all. Trump must have hit a cord…for he also said something to the affect that “this was their ideology and these people will do anything to push it.” And since then a lot has transpired. Heck, all hades has broken loose and the Capitol is still surrounded by armed guards. But now we know it’s the corporation that is locked down. All ten miles of it!

So here we are waiting to hear what the heck is going on. Meanwhile during the last 5 years we were so spoiled in having Trump tweet what was taking place and asking “Do you want this? Do you want that?” All we had to do was go “YEA!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” And “WALK AWAY!” ETC. We got out the vote and we watched them steal it in the light of day.

AND NOW TO HEAR WHAT HAS BEEN TAKING PLACE IN BETWEEN ALL THE RUSSIAGATE AND IMPEACH, IMPEACH. Oh for the good old days when we thought America would be great again once we voted out the Squad, Nadler, Pelosis, Schiff, Schumer and a few of the RINO’s.

As I recall at a rally during the 2020 campaign, President Trump mockingly spoke of Lord Malloch Brown. Saying something to the affect of “what kind of a name is that? Lord Malloch Brown. It sounds really elite.” He made several jabs at the man who was exposed for the culprit he was. Trump knew, he was the hand of the British Intelligence that kept popping up during the four year Russiagate coup. From the obvious roles of Sir Richard Dearlove and his former MI6 underling, Christopher Steele, who together played a driving role in shaping both the dossier and the entrapment operations that targeted General Flynn. So I think these are some huge clues as to who he was exposing in the Laura Ingraham interview and why someone who did not like that did something.

The historical practice of unorthodox things runs rampant in the House of Lords. It was a very elite unelected group who held a branch of control and influence over the elected governing body of Great Britain. Like the elite do here, with the congress and senate, but, because its not lawful, they do it in secret. Please Read: Lord Malloch Brown Revealed: The British Hand Behind the Coup Shows Its Scales Again – Fort Russ (

Well, something happened and Lord Sewel put the entire House of Lords in a Crisis. In 2015, he was caught doing some very naughty things that had to do with sex, drugs, and other perversions. All of this scandal led to a campaign of denouncing all the unelected Lords. It sounds like it tied into Brexit somehow. I mean the timing of it was just plain lousy and it brought down the entire lot of them. Or was this intertwined with Lord Malloch Brown? What we now know as we connect dots, someone made someone very upset and so someone(s) got in a lot of trouble. Or simply maybe it just outgrew its usefulness?

You can see all along the way President Trump has been winning and winning big. I believe he’s winning now. God bless and keep the faith. Remember it is the cabal puppets that are panicking. Trump is fine.

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