President Trump Beating Sleepy Joe Biden By More than Crooked Hillary

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The two-lane from Poca west to Eleanor is freshly paved and smooth as it follows the Kanawha river. The hills on the north and the flatter land along the river have modest houses, trailers, and an occasional store. There’s a nice cemetery. Today you will see two presidential signs. One for President Donald Trump, the other for third-party candidate Jo Jorgensen and her running mate Spike Cohen.

What we lack in political signs, we make up for in American flags. And this year the American flag is a silent signal of support for the president’s re-election.

It is not that Northern Putnam County is particularly Republican. Our two state delegates are a Democrat and a Republican. The coal miners first brought here, and the chemical workers who settled here were largely Democrat. But slowly it has come around to accepting a few Republicans.

President Trump would have made a fine Democrat 60 years ago when Kennedy ran. West Virginia loved Jack Kennedy.

They also loved FDR. Eleanor was a public works project named for his bride.

I put President Trump on the same level now. He is a rebel and a game-changer. His money doesn’t matter in a state where poverty lives next door no matter where you go. JFK and FDR were filthy rich. John D. Rockefeller IV served two terms as governor.

Speaking About News

As I read Salena Zito’s columns about eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, I nod my head. I know these people. Politically, they are the descendants of Andrew Jackson’s political revolution 50 years after the American Revolution. Indeed, their ancestors held the Whiskey Rebellion that forced President Washington to send in troops to quell.

They are part of Rural America that includes hillbillies, (mountain Williams as they call them in Tennessee), rednecks, Yoopers, and more. I could run some long sweet piece that lovingly romanticizes them as true Americans and patriots. They are, of course, but many a patriot live in the suburbs and the cities.

Besides I also know that people in rural America can be just as cunning and deceitful as anyone. We have an opioid problem, so who are we to look down our noses at anyone?

What distinguishes rural America is that it is slow to change. We remain American no matter how popular or unpopular that may be.

Patriotism is unpopular 18 years after 9/11. Obama fundamentally transformed America into a eurotrash state. We rejected that. We want what we had because what we had worked.

President Trump delivered what we had. Factories began coming back. Jobs started cropping up. The unemployment rate tumbled to 3.5%. Wages went up faster than inflation for the first time in decades. Black people, Hispanic people, women, and every other demographic group enjoyed their lowest unemployment on record.

All that ended in March in the pandemic panic. It wiped out millions of small businesses.

Democrats believe they can blame President Trump and elect the Human Doorknob president.

They told the pollsters to rig the polls, and then made the mistake of believing their polls.

Their plan was to use hatred of Donald Trump and fear of covid-19 to elect Biden, who would then turn the presidency over to Kamala Harris who would then do whatever the deep state told her to do.

It would be springtime for Iran and Red China.

Winter for everyone else.

And the plan may have worked. I don’t know. I always felt it would backfire, and on October 1, the plan backfired bigly. President Donald John Trump got covid 19. That was the game-changer.

The media and other Democrats were delirious. And when he went to Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, they went ballistic and began planning his removal from office under the 25th Amendment.

I looked at it as the end of the covid 19. I wrote, “Covid 19 will just make him stronger.”

And it did.

He was cured in 3 days.

Now there is no rash reason to fear covid 19 again.

In cities, I can see some need to be concerned. All those people living atop one another spreads any virus or disease.

But out in the country?

Nyah. Wear a mask at the store, but enjoy life in the open.

Now Democrats are stuck with Biden, an imbecile who cannot speak more than 5 minutes without screwing up.

And instead of having millions of volunteers knocking on doors, Democrats went to the telephones to do this. And we know just how much people like telemarketers.

But they had to play up the fear of covid-19, so that is what they went with.

Now Democrats need big rallies fast, but Biden has all the charisma of a sidewalk. The media plays up that he is responsible with his socially distanced rallies of 15 — unlike that irresponsible Donald Trump and his rallies of 15,000 people.

Those rallies are out at the airports in the boonies.

Between his rallies and the Republican Get Out The Vote effort, President Trump will win re-election. And most of his support will come from rural America again.

And we will save the country again on Tuesday.

You are welcome.

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