Prager U Video: Thomas Sowell Hits Us with Facts

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Prager University’s latest short video features Manhattan Institute Fellow Jason Riley giving us an essential introduction to the life and work of the brilliant economist Thomas Sowell. Check it out below:

Most Black and Hispanic People Don’t Care What Term You Use

Daniel Greenfield,

Not exactly surprising.

Playing the language police is the provenance of college grads with useless degrees and a lot of time on their hands who have a bright future working in HR and then as consultants or administrators. Ordinary people are fine as long as you’re not actively trying to insult them.

And yes, Latinx is the choice of a whole 4% of Latinos.

Most Black Americans, 58%, do not have a preference between the terms “Black” and “African American” when asked which term they would rather people use to describe their racial group. The one in three who express a preference divide evenly between preferring each term.

In other words, companies can save a lot of money by firing their diversity consultants before they introduce ‘Blax’ or something equally stupid next year.

Although the term “African American” was used as early as 1782, it was popularized in the late 1980s by a group of Black leaders, including Rev. Jesse Jackson, who argued that this term had “cultural integrity.” But like Gallup’s findings today, the Black public mostly had no preference between the two terms in the early 1990s and the following decades, while similarly sized minorities preferred one over the other.

No current polling on whether anyone wants to be called, “People of Color”. Anecdotally, I suspect they don’t.

Most Hispanic adults (57%) say it does not matter to them which term is used, though nearly one in four (23%) prefer “Hispanic” and 15% prefer “Latino.” Few expressed a preference for “Latinx” (4%).

And those 4% work in the media, in college studies departments, or as diversity and inclusion consultants.