“I’m going to work to continue to build the conservative movement and the Republican Party … and do party building work in Iowa,” Pompeo told host Martha MacCallum.

An adviser to Pompeo confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday that the former secretary of state plans to travel to Iowa later this month to “help the party and advocate for conservatives.” The state, whose caucuses have kicked off the presidential nominating calendar for half a century – is a natural stop for possible White House hopefuls.

Pompeo also plans to visit Texas and Nebraska in support of Republican House candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

“I want to make sure the ideas I’ve been working on for a good part of my adult life are the ones that are advanced here in the United States of America”

— Mike Pompeo, ‘The Story’

“I said all along, I’m up for the fight to build out Republican success,” Pompeo reiterated. “2022 will be an important election cycle. I aim to be an important part of making sure we’re successful in that election of November of 2022.”

When MacCallum pressed Pompeo about a potential presidential bid if former President Donald Trump does not seek office in 2024, Pompeo responded, “it’s way too early to tell.

“I’m very focused here on what we’re doing in the near term. I’m always up for a good fight. I want to make sure the ideas I’ve been working on for a good part of my adult life are the ones that are advanced here in the United States of America, not those being imposed on the United States by this administration.”

Pundits have speculated over Pompeo’s national ambitions since leaving his post as the nation’s top diplomat. When MacCallum said she wouldn’t take his response as a “a no, but not a yes,” Pompeo chuckled but did not respond.