Sometimes we just have to slow down and look back at what we already know one more time. Especially when we are engaged in a propaganda war with liars shouting lies day and night. This time we are NOT GOING TO ALLOW THEM TO LIE TO OUR FACES AND ACT LIKE IT IS ALL TRUE.

Their days of fraud and deceit are coming to a full end. The filthy hands held out for money in exchange for innocent lives, is now exposed and their days of moving and exchanging children like livestock are all but over. No longer will they dress up and crouch in the groves and secret places to partake in satanic rituals and pass the children through the fire of Baal.

Their own evil acts will be a shame and a ruin for each of them. Their punishment will come swiftly as their own lust for blood and flesh shall cause their own bowels to rot from the inside out. God shall put an end to these who partake in human and child sacrificing, they shall even turn and devour each other. The cabal and all of their puppets are about to go down and I believe God will send a terrible threshing throughout the entire earth! There is no stopping it. Every hiding place shall be exposed.

Watch and wait patiently, for God is not mocked.
Hold the line… things are about to shake a bit harder, but not for those God is holding in his hands. It will shake exceedingly for those who hate, and those who love lawlessness. The writing is on the wall. Stay strong in your faith and fear not.

Listen to the news on the Director of National Intelligence Report to vet, verify and validate to determine the actions it will take after their internal investigation is completed. If a Manchurian candidate or foreign power has overcome our election it is the duty of the military to remove that person and to place the right person in the office. The military’s first responsibility is to protect the people and restore lawful civilian authorities to control the country. If things are so scrambled they would have to do something different with the election, such as hold a new one. But, that is not the case here. We know  President Trump won and won decisively. So the military has to place the person who won back into office. There is a reason Biden has not had access to Airforce I.

The White House is being cleaned out from all the evil that has been done in the underground tunnels. The child and human trafficking is a horror that many have no idea existed.

GET READY FOR SOME GOOD STUFF TO TAKE PLACE! THE EVIL IN OUR FACE WILL NOT LAST FOREVER. God does not thresh the grain to the point it is useless.


Human trafficking is real, it does happen and it has become a billion dollar illegal business. There is an  estimated 24.9 million victims worldwide at any given time!  It is a horrific crime and human rights abuse, and a crime of exploitation – traffickers profit by forcing their victims to perform labor, and/or engage in commercial sex in every region in the United States and around the world. These human traffickers prey on adults and children of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities for profit.

Human Trafficking vs. Migrant Smuggling

Human trafficking uses force, fraud, or coercion to compel another person to work or engage in a commercial sex act, and does not require crossing a border. Migrant smuggling is the crime of bringing people across international borders through deliberate evasion of immigration laws. While these are distinct crimes, individuals who are smuggled may become vulnerable to and victims of human trafficking.

What happens to these victims is horrendous. Many never live through it and those who do are left with severe emotional and often physical scars. Many children are sold for organ harvesting and some are sold specifically to those involved in satanic rituals and harvesting a substance called Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3) a compound synthesized by the oxidation of adrenaline, sourced from the blood of human children after they are tortured.

Those who bring this to public attention are ridiculed as conspiracy theorists and those who traffic children for such use deny it even exists. Yet, it is a billion dollar industry.  Heads of states have cracked down on human and child trafficking yet, there is much more that needs to be done to end this atrocity.

Information on Human Trafficking can be found on the US Department of State website at:  https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking-about-human-trafficking/

The children who have been rescued from underground tunnels is real. Those who practice rituals involving children are real. It is ancient in origin and modern in practice. It has never gone away any more than Satan has decided to go away.

Pray to the Lord that this evil end and those who partake in it are all exposed.

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