PICTURE: The Real Truth About Black Violence in America That Al Sharpton Hopes You Never See

 With men like Al Sharpton constantly pushing a racial narrative on America to line the coffers of his National Action Network, it’s no wonder that he doesn’t want you to see factual data that would completely destroy his agenda if people took a few minutes of their time to read them.

A mind-blowing infographic gave a quick snapshot of the rates of violence in America, clearly showing that the narrative pushed by Sharpton and the rest of America’s race baiters has been incredibly far from the truth.

The infographic started with the number of black victims of white violence compared to the number of white victims of black violence, which are staggering in their own right.








But when you take into account that the black community only makes up about 12.6% of the population, the numbers take on an even more shocking level of meaning.


So, when one adjusts those numbers to reflect the population size of blacks and whites in America, blacks commit 25 times more violent assaults against whites than vice versa (H/T Top Right News).


The statistics on black-on-black violence are just as shocking.

So, how exactly is it possible that a majority of the black community seems to completely ignore this factual data, compiled by the Department of Justice and other agencies? While cities burn down over the killing of a black criminal by law-abiding cops, Sharpton and others are throwing the race card, based on what?

Until members of the black community come to grips with what’s actually happening on the streets and in their own neighborhoods and until race baiters like Sharpton take a permanent vacation, sadly, these trends will continue to plague our country.

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