PHOTOS: Hillary Releases Benghazi Emails, But Look What Was Done to Them Beforehand…

 Early Friday, 296 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email account were released. This may sound like a breakthrough for conservatives in their struggle for Clinton transparency, but it isn’t.

To say Clinton’s emails were heavily redacted would be to say that Bruce Jenner has had a little work done. Document after document was redacted to the point of absurdity.

Granted, not all the documents were redacted, but there are still key documents about Benghazi that we may never be able to read. These documents could contain vital pieces of information about what happened that fateful night.

Even worse, if these documents were redacted for legitimate national security reasons, it would be proof that Hillary Clinton received classified information over a private email address.























 If Hillary can’t even follow the rules as secretary of state, how could she be trusted to follow them as president? We cannot trust her with our national security.

Here are just a few examples of the “released” emails (H/T Legal Insurrection):



Hillary Clinton knew soon afterward that the terror attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, wasn’t the result some “protest” gone bad. If you want examples of protests spiraling out of control, just look at Baltimore.

Protesters don’t carry rocket launchers. However, Hillary seemed to think that she knew better, and is still defending her actions. She seems to enjoy defending the indefensible.

Thankfully, Republicans have not given up pressing Hillary from all sides on Benghazi. With Hillary running for president, we cannot and will not let any potential scandal go un-investigated.

Our nation needs a leader who will uphold the law, not bypass it on their personal server. America needs a leader who will respect the lives of every American and do everything in their power to prevent harm from coming to them.

Any president has to make tough decisions that may result in the deaths of Americans, but they will also have to own up to those decisions and face the consequences.

We don’t need Hillary. We need a real leader. Hopefully, the release of these emails will put the final nail in Hillary’s 2016 coffin.

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