Photo of Barron Trump Scowling at Justice Roberts Blows Up Online

You know what they say…kids always know. They have a second-sense about some things, don’t they? It’s because in many cases they see the world and people for what and who they are, not how the media frames it for us and tells us how to think and feel.

“Out of the mouth of babes” is a famous saying for a reason.

You judge for yourself…

So, on that note, a photo from Inauguration Day, where young Barron is giving Justice Roberts the “evil eye” is making its rounds on the internet, with people wondering if Barron had a “Sixth Sense” about the traitor?

“Barron knows a whole lot more, and a whole lot more than many of us!”

“Barron Trump seems to be quite intuitive & certainly very intelligent I’m glad his parents keep him out of the limelight”

Look at Paul Ryan and that sneaky, goofy smile in the background, too.

Now that we know what both Ryan and Roberts traitors were capable of, this pic is very telling in more ways than one, right?

Did Barron know Justice Roberts was a snake?

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