Peter Schweizer: ABC Should Redo Our Interview After Stephanopolous Admitted to Clinton Donations

Katie Pavlich,

 In case you missed it yesterday, ABC News chief anchor and former Clinton White House communication advisor George Stephanopoulos admitted to donating $75,000 dollars to the Clinton Foundation after being busted by the Washington Free Beacon.

Of course, Stephanopoulos didn’t disclose the information before interviewing Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer two weeks ago about allegations Hillary Clinton traded political favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of State. During the interview, Stephanopoulos argued there was no “smoking gun” to Schweizer’s claims in his book and said ABC News had concluded there was no wrongdoing. Naturally, ABC News won’t be reprimanding the anchor for failing to disclose donations to executives or the ABC News audience. 

Now, in light of Stephanopoulos’ donation revelations, Schweizer wants ABC News to do another interview.


“What ABC could do is let’s do another interview on the Sunday morning show to talk about the contents of the book so we actually get a chance for viewers to hear what’s in the book. That’s the first thing I would ask,” Schweizer said in an interview on Hannity Thursday. “Looking at Stephanopoulos’ past, the question to me is really, going into that interview I assumed the relationship with the Clinton’s was in the past, that he had made this transition into the media and it was a different chapter in his life. These donations, the fact that he’s going to these events, it raises all kinds of questions about that and I think it’s legitimate for people to look into it. If this was any other political candidate and a reporter doing this, you can bet there would be serious consequences for it.”

For reference, here is Schweizer’s first interview with Stephanopoulos before he disclosed massive donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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