People in contact with vaccinated people are now experience severe symptoms

Nurse warns – stay away from vaccinated people! People who have also been in contact with vaccinated people are now experience severe symptoms. These symptoms are the result of spike proteins spreading from the inoculated body. You can check out my site,

You will find videos that explain the whole process. Women warn against this. Many women and men have approached me to testify about their experiences after contact with the vaccinated.

This gene mRNA therapy causes your body to produce spike proteins. It’s a huge human experiment, it’s never happened before, in fact the vaccine changes the human structure of the body. The process begins in the human body and does not stop. Spike proteins get out through breath and pores and are dangerous for human tissues. They cause fertility and infertility problems.

Women and men who came into contact with the inoculated suddenly discovered strange bruises on their bodies, already ten-year-old girls are menstruating, an 11-year-old girl was menstruating twice in one month after being in contact with a vaccinated person. People have severe migraines, disturbed sleep patterns, fist-sized blood clots; women who have been menopausic for years suddenly got menstruation with large blood clots. A man who sleeps next to his wife, who has been inoculated, wakes up with bruises on his body.

These are countless testimonies of people, you can check out my website, click Stay away –Warning . You’ll find a video of a doctor talking, his name on it, explains the process. There is also a doctor who requires her patients to report to her if they have had a vaccine, because she treats pregnant women in her office and does not want them to be in contact with the vaccinated. Contact with the vaccinated person means the risk of stillbirth, fetal damage and miscarriage. Doctors who aren’t stupid and don’t follow the CDC scenario are trying to protect their patients.

I will read you some comments from de:

  • My partner suddenly started bleeding from his nose and has huge clots.
  • I have migraines.
  • I got my third period in less than two months.
  • Ihave headaches because of these assholes.
  • Inoculated people lost their pet.

That’s how dangerous it is. I’ve heard horror stories in the last 48 hours and I’m trying to post them on the web as soon as possible so that people realize that these aren’t conspiracy theories, but people’s direct experience.

We don’t know how long this is going to take. We don’t know if the human body will ever stop the mechanism of creating spike proteins. Even those who have received the vaccine can produce spike protein forever, so it will never be safe to associate with them. But maybe at some point the body will stop producing spike protein and contact will be safe again?

I give this warning because each of us has to make our own decisions about our own safety. If you have young children, I would recommend that you choose never to expose them to the vaccinated for safety reasons. That’s what I’d decide. Stay away from them. People tell me that, now you’re defending distance? I’m not advocating, I’m saying you need to use your brain. Find out who got their asses injected, open your mouth and talk because it’s about your safety.

Inoculated people aren’t smart people. They don’t care about your health, because they didn’t find any thing in advance , or use common sense. They’ve done a thing that’s going to hurt everyone they come into contact with. They made a sensible decision, and now they’re going around the world hurting everyone around them in a much worse way than ever before. It was bad enough that they wore rags on their mouths that are like bacterial hatchers and increase the risk of disease in all the people around them. Now, just by being in the world, these people pose an increased risk of infertility and bleeding to death for others.

So if you have the guts to ask people, are you vaccinated? And stay away from them. Don’t be different from those who aren’t vaccinated, it’s healthy to cultivate contacts with people, be close to those who believe, are smart, wise. But stay away from.

And what do I do when I have to go shopping, how do I keep my distance, you ask. When you see someone acting like a retard at first sight, keep your distance. Most of the vaccinated are obedient morons who have the mental settings of a slave. They were told they had to wear a face mask after vaccination, so you’d recognize them a mile away. If someone wears a face mask, you can assume that they are very likely to be inoculated, this is not a crazy assumption, it is quite obvious. Stay away from people wearing masks.

They’re hard choices. We all knew these days would come. We knew there would be a time of tough decisions. An example is children in indoctrination camps, or public schools, which I have been warning for some time, do not send them there. All the demented teachers got vaccinated, and now your kids are sitting there putting themselves at risk of being infertile. Just by being in touch with the teachers.

If you don’t understand how scary this final game is, you just don’t pay attention.

Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease (