Patriot Updates: QFS System NESARA Integration and 107 Intel Video

ALL ARE EXCITED BEHIND THE SCENES BECAUSE THE SHOTGUN START IS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED GLOBALLY, and saying that the T3-4A/B shotgun start, the implementation of NESARA through USN currency notes being released through redemption centers.

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the QFS integration with Forex for trading all USN pegged currencies, the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill $1,400 direct deposits & checks going out as cover for exchanges starting, also a part of NESARA implementations—ALL THIS is starting approximately next Sun night 14 March through next Mon-to-Tue 15-16 March; his info is the same as Bruce’s that notifications to the T3-4A bond sellers to receive access to 1% of their redemption account funds are to be released approx. Mon night 15 March into Tue 16 March parallel to T3-4A groups and T4B starting too; his info matches Bruce’s info that T4B has to be finished by Wed 31 March, and the public T5 will now be started Thu 1 April;
. ..He said, yes, Trump and the military did push forward the timing of the shotgun start for several reasons:
[10:49 PM]
. ..(1) This past week’s exchanges that started happening were testing the QFS system and the redemption centers before the release of the shotgun liquidity start and the start of exchanges—these had to be tested and audited to make sure everything was working smoothly before releasing everything;
. ..(2) Coordination of the shotgun start with the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill timeline to provide cover for exchanges so that neighbors seeing currency holders spending money will be buffered by all households receiving the stimulus bill payments providing them with extra spending money;
. ..(3) There have been disagreements over past days among some military leaders in DoD some resisting removing Biden and returning Trump to the presidency because, among other reasons, they fear Deep State sponsored retaliation and violence from BLM and Antifa ( Wed 10 Mar—David Noni Rodriguez ) —fortunately the military leaders who recognize that DoD cannot allow the fraud Biden election to go unchallenged have the upper hand now, and they have said “NO” to a new election (one option on the table), because Trump already won the Nov 2020 election by 80% of the non-fraudulent vote, and they will start taking action to expose and remove the Deep State fraud Biden presidency and bring Trump back in as the only legitimately elected president by late March to early April.

Excellent Decode from Santa Surfing – Tip of the Hat. Patriots are urged to stay off the streets and away from State Capitols — False Flag events intended to discredit patriots are known to be planned. NON-VIOLENCE is VITAL….

[10:49 PM]
. ..Our guy said his info matches that of Snake’s banker over redemption centers in 5 southwestern states and MarkZ’s redemption center contacts on the East Coast, all of which are excited and saying the same thing that they are on high alert for the start of exchanges & that they and we are closer than we have ever been to starting exchanges—Snake’s info:
[11.03.21 04:33] From Snake @ 3.30 Thu 11 March:
….”…my banker called…While he is still being kept in the dark as to any real rates or the actual start time it was stressed upon him to be in a position to have all his exchange centers fully manned and ready to proceed with the exchanging process within 2 hours or less from his notification and to confirm that capability today [Thu 11 March].
. . . Can we let our imaginations run just a little? This is as close that he has been to acknowledging this event is at the go mark.”
. ..From MarkZ Thu 11 March: “Even all my redemption center people are on call now …on standby for now and for the weekend……they need to be able to report to the redemption centers within a couple of hours. …things are getting exciting…..All paymasters are in place….even the “hesitant” ones have traveled now.“
. ..Our guy said TAKE IN THE GOOD NEWS, and he recommended praying over all this and staying prepared to start next week.

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