Patel Patriot interviews Gregg Phillips from True the Vote.

Patel Patriot interviews Gregg Phillips from True the Vote. and a Juan O Savin Election Integrity Video!

True the Vote’s mission is to train citizens to protect election integrity at the polls, and to help protect all voters’ rights.

Politicos and powerbrokers expect they’ll have total control over the election process, including what happens at the polls, who counts the ballots, and who watches them count. They believe the average person will trust them to conduct a fair election and think no more about it.

As American citizens, we share a civic responsibility to participate in this essential foundation of self-government, not just by voting, but by engaging in every stage of the electoral process to ensure our elections are administered legally and fairly. So that we may have confidence in the results.

You cannot afford to leave this important work to other people. Don’t assume that if you don’t do it, somebody else will. Please dedicate some of your time to free elections in America.

Were there election integrity irregularities in the 2020 election?

Every election inevitably has irregularities—some more than others.  True the Vote works to improve election processes using research-based findings from across the nation.  In 2020, the scale and scope of state-based irregularities led us to initiate ongoing research projects in many states, including Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

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Juan O Savin 8/18/22 Election Integrity Watch Below

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