Pallets of Fake Ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County Were Identified, Filmed and Sampled

Before Moving Trucks Picked Them Up and Shredded Them!

The counterfeit Fulton County Georgia ballots recorded in the 2020 election were identified before the corrupt gang of Georgia officials picked them up and shredded them. 

Samples were also taken. 

The Georgia election gang has some major explaining to do.

Patrick Byrne, Founder of and now member of the Trump team who is attempting to prove the massive fraud across the country released some shocking news moments ago in a series of tweets.

It should be noted: These photos of the ballots were posted earlier last month from inside the same warehouse.

BIG NEWS: COUNTERFEIT FULTON COUNTY GEORGIA BALLOTS. On a tip, our operative entered the Fulton County (Atlanta) Warehouse and took this series of photos: THESE ARE FAKE BALLOTS (note the quantity):
Here are some more pics of the ballots:

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