Pakistani Muslim London Stabber Was Let Out After Only 6 Years for Terror Plot

Daniel Greenfield,
The rule for Muslim terrorists in Europe is if at first you don’t succeed, file appeals, wait for the system to fail, and kill a bunch of people anyway.

That was what allowed Pakistani Muslim terrorist Usman Khan to wreak havoc with a stabbing spree in London.

Usman Khan was convicted on terrorism charges but let out of prison early. He attended a “Learning Together” conference for ex-offenders, and used the event to launch a bloody attack, stabbing two people to death and wounding three others.

Unsurprisingly, the conference didn’t help. Neither did the reported ankle bracelet. Keeping him in jail would have prevented this.

But he did win an appeal.

Khan, along with a number of others, was jailed in 2012 for plotting schemes including blowing up the London Stock Exchange.

However Khan, from Persia Walk in Tunstall, and others successfully had their sentences reduced to 16-year prison terms in 2013 – with Khan released on licence in 2018.

Khan’s barrister, Joel Bennathan QC, insisted that Khan’s indefinite term, from which he may never be released, was simply too tough for one so young. He also claimed the crown court judge was ‘wrong to promote his offence to a high level of sophistication.’

So the lesson here is that “deradicalization” is a scam that gets people killed.

Less than a year after convicted bomb plotter Usman Khan was released from prison, having served only half of a 16-year sentence for his part in an al Qaeda scheme to blow up London landmarks, he killed two people, including a young coordinator of the rehab program he so wanted to join.

Another staff member of the program, called Learning Together, was killed, and three others were wounded.

“I would like to do such a course so I can prove to the authorities, my family and soicity [sic] in general that I don’t carry the views I had before my arrest and also I can prove that at the time I was immature,” he wrote in October 2012. “And now I am much more mature and want to live my life as a good Muslim and also a good citizen of Britain.”

Guess Londoners had to settle for one out of two.

And if you wanted any more outrage fodder.

Usman Khan, a Briton born to Pakistani parents, was once recorded by police boasting that his unemployment benefits could bring in the same amount in a day that people in Kashmir made in a month, the Sun reported.

“On jobseeker’s allowance we can earn that, never mind working for that,” he was recorded as saying, according to the paper.

This is the same old story.

Terrorists move to a western country. Max out their benefits. Second generation immigrants start plotting to kill people while living off taxpayers. And absolutely nothing is learned from the latest Muslim terrorist atrocity.

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