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Why We Won’t Have a Civil War

Bruce Thornton, But there is a more worrying possibility. The latest take on the recent riots and protests is that our political “cold” civil war is turning hot. The political polarization of recent years is now turning increasingly violent, with each side hunkering in its hardened silos and elevating the threat-level to DEFCON 1. The […]

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Several U.S. states see coronavirus infection spikes

Troubling spikes in coronavirus infection rates were reported on Friday in several U.S. states, mainly in the South and West, a day before President Donald Trump was due to preside over an Oklahoma campaign rally that will be America’s largest indoor gathering in months. Wall Street jitters over a resurgence in COVID-19 cases as states […]

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The Silent Majority Can Be Silent No More

David Limbaugh, Lately it seems that we conservatives can’t win even when we’re winning. But the country is under siege, so we cannot indulge the luxury of being discouraged. This year has been one body blow after another to the nation we love. First, there was the coronavirus, and we thought, “How can this get any […]

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Can We Coexist with Asia’s Communists?

Pat Buchanan, Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met for seven hours at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii with the chief architect of China’s foreign policy, Yang Jiechi. The two had much to talk about. As The Washington Post reports, the “bitterly contentious relationship” between our two countries has “reached the lowest point in almost […]

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Aunt Jemima Got Beheaded by the Culture Jihadists

Todd Starnes, I have sad news to report from the baked goods aisle of your local supermarket. Our beloved Aunt Jemima has been decapitated by the culture jihadists. Quaker Foods North America announced in a press release they are going to rename Aunt Jemima Syrup and pancake mix. I wrote a book about this sort of […]

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Hiding COVID-19’s Origins

Betsy McCaughey, China is determined to block investigations of where COVID-19 came from. But worse, influential American scientists are going along with censoring any inquiry. They’re declaring their “solidarity with the scientists and health professionals of China.” That’s a deadly problem. Conquering this virus and devising a vaccine will require unbiased research, no matter where it […]

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Will Joe Biden Become Our First Female President?

Terry Jeffrey, Some Americans were hopeful in 2016 that Hillary Clinton would become our first female president. She did not. But now Joe Biden may do it. Excuse me, you might ask, isn’t Biden a man? Well, he is for now — under the Biden gender rules. But he need not be next year. “Transgender equality […]