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The Progressive ‘Brights’ Are Pretty Dim

Bruce Thornton, The current virus crisis, the utopian faith — and the road lined with mountains of human corpses. “Brights” is a term that became popular nearly 20 years ago to describe self-proclaimed rationalists who reject religion, practical wisdom, and tradition, and instead rely solely on “science” for understanding and solving social and political problems. […]

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Mayor: Officer who put knee on man’s neck should be charged

 The mayor of Minneapolis called Wednesday for criminal charges against the white police officer seen on video kneeling against the neck of a handcuffed black man who complained that he could not breathe and died in police custody. Based on the video, Mayor Jacob Frey said officer Derek Chauvin should be charged in the death […]

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Madame Vice President — Biden’s latest goof narrows field to these likely contenders

So much for Amy Klobuchar. Joe Biden’s team is reportedly vetting the popular Minnesota senator to be his running mate. Klobuchar’s standing in her own critical toss-up state and her political compatibility with Biden make her an excellent pick. But, but her chances have suddenly plummeted. Her problem: she isn’t black. A recent op-ed in the Washington Post authored by seven female black activists demanded Biden choose an African-American woman as running […]

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House Republicans sue Pelosi in bid to stop proxy voting

House Republicans filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to block a system of proxy voting put in place during the coronavirus pandemic on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. Proxy voting would allow House members to vote on another person’s behalf if they are not able to be physically present at the Capitol, […]

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Twitter flags Trump’s tweets for misinformation

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has often been a target of critique and controversy due to his Twitter profile. Indeed, in the past, we’ve seen the investment banking company, J.P.Morgan Chase, create an index named ‘Volfefe’ to measures the impact of President Trump’s on the market. But now, in an unprecedented move, Twitter itself […]

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Taking Liberties with Falwell and Trump

Robert Knight, Did you hear the good news? Liberty University, which the media predicted would be Ground Zero for a deadly outbreak of coronavirus, has not reported a single on-campus case. Not one. This is welcome news to any person of goodwill. But not to the press. In March, the media went bat crazy, essentially accusing […]

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One Big Way To Help US Businesses Come Back After Coronavirus

Jesse Grady, With 36.5 million Americans out of work as a result of the pandemic, it is difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel. And as businesses begin reopening under their states’ guidelines, President Trump’s tariffs stand as a major barrier preventing farming, manufacturing, retail, and other small business sectors from fully standing on […]