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KY Democrats File Gun Bans, Carry Restrictions for Incoming Gov. to Sign

Kentucky Democrats are pushing gun and magazine bans, and numerous other gun controls, for Gov.-elect Andy Beshear (D) to sign upon assuming office. The various gun controls are listed as prefilings on the Kentucky General Assembly website, and include a ban on the possession of “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. The controls also include […]

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What We Lose When We Sacrifice Our Values

Noah Rothman, Among the misconceptions exhibited by the self-styled nationalist reformers of American foreign policy is that they are immune to the temptations posed by ideological thinking. In fact, their vision of what should constitute American grand strategy is exceedingly idealistic. The distinction between them and their opponents isn’t that they’re remarkably clear-eyed about the […]

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Bernie Blows It in California

Susan Estrich, Former Rep. Katie Hill was driven out of office by vicious revenge porn clearly orchestrated by her angry ex-husband and her defeated former rival. Now Sen. Bernie Sanders — ignoring the advice of virtually everybody, starting with the governor — has jumped into the primary fray to replace her. Sanders knows better than […]

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President Trump Has Won the Trade War

Michael Busler While campaigning for president, Donald Trump said that he would fix every one of the lopsided trade agreements that the U.S. had with trading partners worldwide. After being sworn into office, he carefully examined each agreement and came to the conclusion that each one had to be re-negotiated.  The problem was that every […]