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Hillary Clinton and THE CLINTON DEAD POOL

Hillary Clinton Expects Russia to move a Far Left Democratic Member or 3rd Party to “Steal Democratic Votes” to Let Trump Win Again So we have Hillary Clinton, trying to dip her skanky toes into the drinking water of those Democratic supporters who still believe in the honesty and truth of the God Given USA Government, […]

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The Second Amendment Stands Strong State Gun Control in America: A Historic Guide to Major State Gun Control Laws and Acts The Second Amendment guarantees American citizens the right to bear arms, but both federal and state governments determine how citizens may legally exercise that right. And while both federal and state gun control laws regularly change, laws at the state […]

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Ban Meat by 2030 to Save the Planet

Daniel Greenfield, I’m confused. i thought the planet was going to be destroyed in 12 years. Can’t we just have a few burgers in our final years on the planet? With livestock production contributing to climate change, people need to drastically reduce how much meat they eat to help stave off ecological disaster, a group […]

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The Afghanistan Papers Show The Swamp At Its Worst.

Joseph Laughon, The Bush and Obama administrations lied about the war—systematically—for two decades. Washington Post published its story on the Afghanistan papers: 2,000 pages of interview notes of those involved in the war effort. It details the widespread deception and futility that characterized the war in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan papers are a depressing indictment of […]

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Will There Be a Trump Victory in 2020?

Jacob Heilbrunn, Why Boris Johnson’s Victory and Impeachment Could Augur a Trump Triumph in 2020. Does Boris Johnson’s stunning triumph presage a victory for Donald Trump in November 2020? Johnson rolled the dice, defied the odds and hit the jackpot with the biggest Tory victory since 1987, which was the year when Margaret Thatcher rolled […]