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Why Do Liberals Hate Trump?

The left hates Donald Trump. Of course, they also hated Bush ‘41 and Bush ‘43 – to say nothing of Ronald Reagan. But dislike of Trump has reached a whole new level of intensity. It’s off the charts. It’s not easy to explain why. Unlike most Republican leaders, Donald Trump is not a social conservative. […]

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Democrats are working to weaponize government power

The alarming revelation that Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee obtained and released telephone records of a journalist, another House member and President Trump’s lawyers is just the latest in an escalating pattern of abuse by Democrats. Democratic attempts to weaponize government power against their adversaries have largely gone unpunished, leading to ever more brazen […]

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FISA court judge demands info about FBI lawyer linked to Carter Page warrant

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s presiding judge has sent another directive to the Justice Department, ordering officials to identify previous surveillance requests from an FBI lawyer linked to the 2016 warrant from former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. In an order unsealed Friday, Judge Rosemary Collyer asked the Justice Department to identify steps to ensure […]

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A Decade of Liberal Delusion and Failure

It was the death of hope by a thousand tiny technocratic “nudges.” Welcome to The Decade From Hell, our look back at an arbitrary 10-year period that began with a great outpouring of hope and ended in a cavalcade of despair. As 2009 ended, the editors of this magazine at the time took their measure […]

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Be a Blessing, and Stop the Holiday Outrage

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, This is the season of Advent for Christians. The season is not just about the event but about the expectation, the waiting, the preparation, the everyday events through which you can see God’s grace shine. In today’s polarized political environment, this might appear to be impossible to achieve. But I believe it […]

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Chicken Pelosi: The House Speaker declines to move her impeachment clown show to the Senate

Lloyd Billingsley, Wednesday night, House Democrats passed two articles of impeachment against President Trump. According to the U.S. Constitution, the articles then move on to the Senate for a trial. At this writing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding off, and that provides time for review. As President Trump and others have pointed out, the […]