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Democrats Always Choose America’s Enemies

Kurt Schlichter Here’s an idea that our Democrat politician friends might want to try if they want to stop being back-stabbing garbage people. It’s kind of a radical notion and a little outside the box, but here goes: How about, just once, you stop sucking-up to the foreign bastards who are attacking our country and take America’s […]

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Mass Migration Is Immoral

Scott Morefield, Up until last week, every GOP governor had either agreed to accept refugees or had yet to say one way or another, that is until Texas Governor Greg Abbott made his state the first to decline refugee resettlement, citing the “disproportionate” impact on the border state thanks to the Federal government’s “broken” immigration system and […]

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The Keys to Pete, Progressive pedigree gives Buttigieg clout with leftist Democrats

Lloyd Billingsley, “Does Running a City of 100,000 People Make you Presidential Material?” ran the headline on the January 11 New York Times piece by Matt Flegenheimer. No clear answers emerged from other mayors, but “voters tend to find Buttigieg compelling for reasons other than the job he held.” For one thing, he is an “openly gay” candidate, […]

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Trump Speaks Directly to the Iranian People

Michael Ledeen It’s impossible to overestimate the power of the president’s words. The Iranian people are demonstrating. You can see the protests on Twitter, and read about the internal ferment online at the Free Iran Herald, which appears on Gateway Pundit. The current round of demonstrations erupted all over the country after the destruction of the Ukrainian commercial […]

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Americans Believe Epstein Was Murdered

Jeff Crouere, The American people no longer trust what they hear from the media and their government. Ever since his first campaign started in 2015, President Donald Trump has railed against his political opponents within the government and has often warned the American people not to trust the “Fake News” media. These warnings seem to […]