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Race, Justice and Religious Liberty In the World

Ken Blackwell, As an African American who has held elected office at the state and local level, and served as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, I believe a full and frank discussion on issues of race and injustice is important. I also know too well that many places are far more dangerous […]

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Democrats propose sweeping police overhaul

 Democrats in Congress proposed a far-reaching overhaul of police procedures and accountability Monday, a sweeping legislative response to the mass protests denouncing the deaths of black Americans in the hands of law enforcement. The political outlook is deeply uncertain for the legislation in a polarized election year. President Donald Trump is staking out a tough “law and […]

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I, Nancy Pelosi, Do Solemnly Swear

Jason Killmeyer, As direct action movements, left-initiated political violence and mass street mobilization continue to roil our society, what we’re seeing now is the creation of an Overton window that moves us closer to where we’ll be mentally by the election, as our fractured body politic convulses towards November. Apart from the legitimate grievances and outrage […]

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Overcoming ALL the Big Lies!

Kevin McCullough, America has had enough. The amount of dishonesty being peddled from Congressional representatives to CNN is suffocating the average citizen. Half of them believing every word of it and feeling helpless to do anything about it. The other half knowing it’s nearly all false and also feeling helpless to be able to do anything […]

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Dear Sane Democrats…

Derek Hunter, Dear Sane Democrats, As a conservative, I have some questions I’d like to ask you. I don’t mean this in a hostile way at all. I’m genuinely curious about the answers, even if some of them are phrased in a way that may come off as hostile or offensive. I assure you, the inquiry […]

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57 members of Buffalo police riot response team resign

Maki Becker, All 57 of the members of the Buffalo Police Department’s Emergency Response Team resigned Friday from the unit which responds to riots and other crowd control situations, the president of the union that represents Buffalo police officers told The Buffalo News. Two law enforcement sources confirmed the resignations. Two members of the Emergency […]

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Protesting The Protesters

Michael Reagan, OK, protesters, we get it. You were angry, sickened and sad about the cold-blooded killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Who do you know who wasn’t? Tens of thousands of you have marched in dozens of cities demanding that Chauvin and the three cops who helped him press Floyd’s body […]