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Conservatives Think They Have This Election Won

Kurt Schlichter, You would have thought that the vibe at CPAC this year would involve stressing about our November election prospects, but even as the market dipped over the coronavirus scare the general consensus was that whether we face Vermont Stalin or that miserable monied midget, we got this. The common image of conservatives is […]

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The Massive, But Reversible, Defeats of Iran and Turkey

Caroline Glick, A critical, strategic process that needs time to mature. With our attention focused on other things—Israel’s elections, the legal fraternity’s aggressive lawfare against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Donald Trump’s peace plan, to name just a few—profound strategic shifts have upended the strategic balance in the Middle East. Israel’s two most formidable […]

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Democrats, Progressives and Socialists

Bruce Hendry, Exposing the danger. By declaring himself a socialist – although “communist” would more accurately reflect his lifelong commitments – presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has done our country an enormous favor. When the Berlin Wall came tumbling down in 1989, it ended a 72-year international civil war that liberated over a billion people from […]

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Democrats have always needed a boogeyman to run against – Here’s who it is in 2020

The Russians are like the devil. Each gets blamed (or credited) with more than they are responsible for. Intelligence officials recently went to Capitol Hill where, according to The Hill, “they briefed the House Intelligence Committee about Russia interfering in the presidential race in an effort to get Trump re-elected.” The initial presumption was that Russian President Vladimir Putin […]

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Coronavirus Causes Stupidity To Go Viral

Derek Hunter, Politicians are known for exploiting tragedy, and no party has perfected this art more than Democrats. From shootings (name one and there’s always a Democrat there seeking to exploit it) to plane crashes (Paul Wellstone) and memorials (Elijah Cummings), Democrats are the ambulance chasing lawyers of the political world. If something bad happens, […]

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Buttigieg to drop out of Democratic race

Pete Buttigieg was preparing to drop out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination to avoid becoming a “spoiler” in the contest, an aide said on Sunday, the day after fellow moderate Joe Biden won a big victory in South Carolina. The move shook up the Democratic contest to pick a candidate to take […]