Overview of the World Hotspots & What Might Happen Next

George Eaton. I don’t have an in-depth view of what might happen next since good intelligence is hard to come by, but I would hope that Biden will be ousted, and any backlashes will be handled quickly and forcefully. That is the best case scenario. I do have concerns that the puppet masters may pull the strings to create a major disaster, and this time it will include a nuke attack on US soil.

There is also a possibility that since the Covid narrative of China and the pandemic unraveling, that they will do a knee jerk reaction and go to war with the US. They are facing a major economic collapse and internal revolution. Their rhetoric has been unusually negative and aggressive in recent days.

The other two big possibilities are a war with Russia with the excuse of the Donbass situation and Crimea Russian bases, and a war in the Mideast involving Israel.
Putin sees the hand writing on the wall and is willing to go the distance. There is a way out of this, but I’m not sure he realizes that fact. Russia is being railroaded into a confrontation and I don’t think Putin has considered all the options. The globalists in Europe, who are the culprits, are trying to destroy Russia so they can steal their natural resources and land mass for growth.

The other war possibility is from the middle east. With new leadership in Israel, and the increased covert war with Iran, a conflict could break out at any time and go nuclear. It appears quiet at this time, but it is very hot in the region with new bombings in Gaza, an Iranian ship being sunk by a drone and constant sabotage fire bombings in Iran.

In addition to that there have been some extremely serious confrontations between US forces on the ground in Syria with the locals, and Russian forces. Fortunately no deaths occured, but it could have happened easily. The US forces in one case had to abandon one of their military vehicles and fast walk away, as the Syria locals chased them out of the village.

Something similar happened with Russian forces as they were engaged in road rage battles, and in the past two cases the US forces backed down as the Russian forces refused to allow the US forces entrance on those desert roads. This has never happened before. Here again, it could have broken out in gunfire at any second. In each of these instances I saw the videos of the skirmishes myself. The US has no legal right to be inside that nation and has occupied 25% of Syria, taken over oil wells and stolen the profits.

Obviously Putin has sent orders to his troops to not back down to US forces under any circumstances. This policy has also been sent to the Russian Navy and Air force, and the conflicts in those areas have reflected that fact.
Unknown to the majority of the public, Russia did a major war game attack on Hawaii that involved dozens of ships and aircraft. China also did a mock attack on Hawaii and other US island bases in the Pacific in the past week. You add these actions along with what the Russian navy is doing in the Atlantic around Britain, and in the Mediterranean, and you have a tense situation going on against the west. It would take only one ship being sunk or plane going down to start a war.

One of the most dangerous provocations in the past week was China doing flight incursions towards Taiwan, at the same time the US Navy sends in an aircraft carrier close to Taiwan. This infuriated China. China sent 28 aircraft into Taiwan airspace, just begging the Taiwan government to fire on them.
Whatever business deals Biden and family had with China seems to have no effect on the current bad relationship we have with China now. It appears that China was overconfident about their power in the world and started throwing their weight around after Biden was elected, thinking that Biden would back down. But, since Biden is not cognitive of what is going on, whoever is running the Whitehouse, namely Obama and company, they are not backing down with China. Add that animosity to the fact the Chinese communist party feels threatened by the unrest and hunger in their country, they are overreacting to every move we make.

There is also a possibility of a bizarre event involving aliens, UFOs, etc. The build up in the news media on this subject is unusual. They have also started congressional meetings, and kept the discussions a secret from the public. Another secret meeting at the Capital is planned in about a week.
The bottom line is, the so-called experts are telling US congressmen that the alien threat is real and we have no way to defend ourselves from this mysterious, technologically advanced “enemy”. The experts are telling the politicians that the threat also involves the use of our own nukes. And, that full control of our own nukes is at risk with alien interference, which has already been documented and proven.

IMO there is no threat from aliens, at this time, and if anything does happen it was fabricated to look like aliens. That is my opinion until I am given different facts or updates. However, even though it could be fabricated, that doesn’t mean the damage would not be real and deadly. If they decided it was time to use that “alien card”, it would be for ulterior motives of control of the people and to justify their government actions.

As you can see, there are plenty of hotspots that we face openly, not to mention the covert wars going on, and possible false flags that could happen. I do feel the environment is ripe for some major events to break out. And this time they will be large events that will change history even more than the fake pandemic changed history. The globalists achieved a huge accomplishment by shutting down the world and starting a depopulation event. If they are to take advantage of that control, they only have a short window of opportunity to advance that control even further. This is why the next 6 months to a year are so critical to watch for what might happen next.

While other things are going on, the conservative pro-Trump speakers are going around the nation getting the crowds all excited about the return of Trump to the Whitehouse. It has reached a fever pitch, even though the news media is ignoring it. But those that watch these things are vocal amongst themselves and their groups, which number in the tens of millions. Whether it will turn into something big is difficult to say, but it is possible.
One thing is certain, the Biden regime is running scared and trying to act legit. It remains to be seen if Biden will take further steps to take away Constitutional rights from the people, especially gun rights. If he does, states would start proceedings to secede.

There are a few scenarios where Biden could be removed from power along with his entire team. If that happens, we may as a nation, be able to prevent other wars and false flag events from taking place. The ultra liberals and socialists are making it more difficult for the majority of the people to remain peaceful. There may come a time when resistance to communist slavery is the last option Americans would have left – before we are dragged out of our homes and placed in concentration camps.

The Biden regime is under the illusion that with more pressure from their shock troops called the BLM and Antifa, that Americans will be forced to be taken into re-education camps. The days of tolerating burning cities and the murder of innocent citizens is over. The left wing insurrection of violence in our nation will be seen as an internal communist attack and be dealt with accordingly by pro-American government leaders. This is why it is so important for the voter fraud of 2020 be exposed to the public, and the criminals that took part in that treasonous crime be removed from office and be brought to justice.