Only 2 People Show Up for Deval Patrick, Obama Candidate’s, Speech

Deval Patrick was the candidate touted by Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and other Obamaworlders. BHO was reportedly a fan. And there’s good reason to believe that Patrick decided to belatedly and misguidedly jump into the 2020 race through a whole lot of urging from Obama.

But Obamaworld’s idea that Patrick would be another Obama isn’t holding up. He’s not a rock star. He’s just another candidate in the clown car.

And no one cares about him.

Patrick, who made a late entrance into the 2020 presidential race last week, was scheduled to speak at Morehouse College, but canceled the event after arriving at the school’s Atlanta campus and learning that only two people were in the audience, according to CNN.

But it gets even worse.

According to CNN, no one was in the audience at Patrick’s event up until five minutes before the event, when two female students — who reportedly said organizers asked them to attend as they were passing by in the hallway — arrived.

This is a train wreck. And while escaping it avoided the headlines other failed candidates like Bill de Blasio garnered, they’re still there.

Why speak in Atlanta at an HBCU?

Patrick’s whole selling point is that he’s a black candidate who can appeal to Biden’s black voter base while still recollecting how to tie his shoes. He’s also supposed to be a moderate who can appeal to progressives. And combine both peanut butter and jelly in one container. He’s supposed to be another Obama.

Of course that’s backward.

Obama didn’t really appeal to black voters until later. Black leaders tended to back Hillary. He appealed to white lefties until the media blew him up enough that black voters bought in a big way. Black leaders often never really did. Hence Sharpton was Obama’s liaison and Jesse Jackson got caught on a hot mic promising to castrate Obama.

Patrick is even weaker than Obama. He’s not going to play any better with black voters than Cory Booker whom black voters at least did election back in Newark.

So the campaign is off to a great start. If Patrick implodes, Obama’s credibility will likely go with him.

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