OMG: Maryland Cop Faces Assault Charge for Biting Man’s Testicles

Off-duty cop placed on paid leave after groping woman, biting man’s genitals.

A Maryland police officer is facing several charges after allegedly biting a man’s testicles during a bar fight Tuesday.

According to Baltimore police, the incident unfolded shortly after 31-year-old off-duty cop Michael Flaig, a 10-year veteran of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, began groping a female during the bar’s Cinco de Mayo celebration.

The female’s roommate, whose name was redacted from the police report, reportedly approached Flaig and demanded he cease harassing the woman. Flaig not only ignored the request, but began following the man as he attempted to walk home.

That is when Flaig and an accomplice attempted to punch the man from behind, pulling him to the concrete in the process. The victim was eventually able to subdue Flaig by sitting on his chest, prompting the officer to bite him in the testicles.


 Responding to 911 calls, police discovered Flaig with blood on his shirt at another bar near the scene.

“Mr. Flaig had bloodshot eyes, slurred words and a strong odor of (alcohol) coming from his person,” the police report stated.

The second attacker, who was not identified, has yet to be captured by police.

Flaig, who has since been suspended with pay, was charged with public intoxication and second degree assault.

“These charges are disturbing and we have an obligation as police officers to conduct ourselves in a professional manner on and off-duty,” said Anne Arundel County Chief of Police Timothy J Altomare.

“We will cooperate fully with the Baltimore Police Department as they conduct their investigation. At this time, we cannot comment further because for our agency, this is a confidential personally matter.

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