Rep. Omar Retweets Anti-Semitic Brit Site Blaming “Brother Marriage” Story on Zionists

Daniel Greenfield,

And Democrats will go on giving Rep. Omar a pass.

After the latest Daily Mail story (which is doing the journalism that US papers won’t do when it comes to Omar) in which a Somali community member went on the record discussing Omar’s alleged immigration fraud and marriage to her brother, the House member threw a tantrum on Twitter.

Her choice of tantrum included retweeting the above link with her endorsement.

The unhinged site, Humans4humanrights, is a British blog written in bad English with deranged headlines. This headline, “Enemy collaboration: Character Assassination of Ilhan Omar – tabloid brainwashing saga continues” foreshadows a crazy rant that blames the Brother marriage story on “Pro-Israel Zionist / Far-right fraternization”.

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That is to say, Rep. Omar is back to blaming everything on the Jews.

“The latest tabloid slander by the Daily Mail and The Sun stink of brazen collusion, referring to articles by the New York Post, whose owners the Murdoch family, conveniently own The Sun, and self-proclaimed “investigative journalist”, Pro-Israel touting David Steinberg, who’s been out to destroy Ilhan Omar since 2018,” the site retweeted by Rep. Omar claims.

David Steinberg has indeed been in the forefront of exposing Omar’s misconduct.

But it’s telling that Omar and the blog post she liked, immediately zooms in on this as a Jewish matter.

The post below that though contains undiluted crazy Jew-hatred as it claims, “Antisemitism” is the weapon of choice for Psychological Warfare to silence all of us who demand a #FreePalestine!”

There’s an enthusiastic defense of Jeremy Corbyn and a denial that anti-Semitism even exists.

“In clarification, the coined term “antisemitism” is nonsensical,” the blog retweeted by Rep. Omar insists. “Jews have no copyright, no patent or any legal claim to the word “antisemitism”. The majority of Jewish people today are not of Semite descent. They are mainly of Eastern European ancestry. Clearly, that makes the term “antisemitism” a synonym for “Islamophobia”.”

If you missed that, the blog is pushing khazarizm, while denying the existence of the Jewish people.

This is similar to the hateful belief system that motivated the black nationalist attacks on a Jewish market and prayer gathering in recent months.

And that is what Rep. Omar chose to retweet to divert attention from the allegations about her misconduct.

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