Old Lawmakers and Biden’s Mental Health Decline “Make everyone nervous”

Yesterday, during an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network with host David Brody, President Trump’s former UN Ambassador was asked about 78-year-old Joe Biden’s mental health. What about his mental health?

Why is the press not demanding what his current mental health records are? And do you have concerns about his mental health?” Brody asked.

Haley responded, “Well what I’ll tell you is, rather than making this about a person, we seriously need to have a conversation that if you’re gonna have anyone above a certain age in a position of power—whether it’s the House, whether it’s the Senate, whether it’s vice president, whether it’s president. You should have some sort of cognitive test.”

Haley told the host that Joe Biden is showing the world by his actions that “He’s not really in control.” The former UN Ambassador explained that Biden isn’t the only aging politician Americans should be concerned about. “And right now, let’s face it, we’ve got a lot of people in leadership positions that are old.

And that’s not being disrespectful. That’s a fact.” She continued,
“We should seriously be looking at the ages of the people that are running our country and understand if that’s what we want.”

Joe Biden’s inability to walk up a flight of stairs without falling, or to stay awake during a conference on the world stage should be of concern to every American.

But what about Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) falling asleep during a televised hearing while acting as the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, or the time he needed to be resuscitated during a congressional hearing?

I’ve actually witnessed Rep. Nadler’s aide placing food on his tray in the House cafeteria while he shuffled behind her, seemingly unaware of what was going on around him.

Nancy Pelosi is on top of her game when she’s spewing hate against a political opponent, but when she has her guard down, she’s frequently confused and unsure of the names of members of Congress she works with every day.

Do you think Nikki Haley is correct to call for cognitive tests for our aging politicians, many of whom are running our country into the ground?

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