Obama Going Back On Yet Another Promise, Won’t Meet With Ex-Gays

Heather Laskin, 

 A petition has been started on Change.org, signed by over 2,300 people at the time of this writing, asking Obama to make good on a promise he made in his victory speech on November 5, 2008.

In the speech Obama said, “And for those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight; but I hear your voices. I need your help, and I will be your president, too.”

Janet Boynes of Janet Boynes Ministries, though, has not seen this to be the case. She claims the president will not meet with or listen to anyone from her organization. The reason, she believes, is because they are “ex-gays,” people who have chosen to leave the homosexual lifestyle.


 Boynes’ ministry focuses on those who are questioning their sexuality and want to leave the homosexual lifestyle. She herself lived as a lesbian until, she says, God called her out of it over a decade ago.

In her letter to the president, posted with the petition on Change.org, Boynes reminded Obama of the promise he made in 2008 and said, “Sadly, Mr. President, you have not carried out your promise.  For those of us who have left the homosexual lifestyle, you have never listened to us.”

She went on to mention the countless people who are living a homosexual lifestyle who have visited the president at the White House and been awarded his support, then asked, “What about those of us whose compelling stories you have chosen to ignore?” She went on to insist those who have left the homosexual lifestyle “also have voices; and when you were first elected, you promised to listen to us,” lamenting, “That has not happened yet.”

The petition asks the president to take the time to sit down with those who have left the homosexual lifestyle and just listen as they share their experiences.

Boynes told WND the reason she believes the president has been ignoring her and others like her is that he is afraid of offending those in the gay community who have been a huge support to him and his pro-LGBT agenda.

“I don’t know if he’s afraid of hurting their feelings or going against what he believes,” she said. “I think that if we meet with him, we could challenge him to think differently.”

Do you think the president should make good on his promise and meet with Boynes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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