OANN interview with President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump interviewed with Channel Rion of One American News Network. It was a wide-ranging interview, and it’s very hard to find anywhere.

The interview covered Big Tech and the censorship of everyone who disagrees with them. Mr. Trump said, “we won’t have much of a country left if we don’t do something about it.”

The Democrats were against Big Tech but now they embraced them, he said regretfully, adding, Democrats won’t negotiate, discuss anything…”

The election came up, unsurprisingly. He mentioned the drop boxes. [They are a joke]

President Trump addressed the corporations who are all in unison on the Marxist propaganda.

This clip is from GabTV so there is commentary as the interview proceeds. At one point, the commentator interrupted after DJT called the Republicans “weak or stupid” to say these politicians are “cunning.” They know “exactly what they’re doing and that should be the scariest part.”


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